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jones 06-10-2006 9:30 AM

anyone has a board for sell? nobody repleyed on me on <a href="http://www.phase5baord.com" target="_blank">www.phase5baord.com</a>

wkerat 06-10-2006 8:47 PM

i have 2, the prop and oogle, both new in wrap.

notsobueno 06-10-2006 8:58 PM

how much for the prop?

derby 06-10-2006 9:51 PM

I'm thinking of ditching my Oogle. I just cant get a good pocket on the 2001. <BR> <BR>I've used it a few times. What's it worth to you? <BR> <BR>Derby

jones 06-11-2006 4:10 AM

hey I would buy the prop as well? how much for it? u can also get back to me on my emailadress: <a href="mailto:jonasmueller@gmx.de">jonasmueller@gmx .de</a>. I would pay for shipping cost as well cuz I live in switzerland. But I really need one for an upcoming contest! thanks for getting back to me

jones 06-14-2006 7:08 AM

hey I sended you a mail. please get back to me

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