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jsik7 06-08-2006 11:21 AM

I will be vacationing in the Myrtle Beach area for a week at the beginning of July and want to get some riding in. <BR> <BR>Will pay for sessions. <BR>

keenan 06-14-2006 5:42 AM

I don't know of ayone riding in the Myrtle area. I ride in charleston, if you want to come down and get some sessions you are more than welcome. It is about an hour to an hour and a half. Let me know. <BR>John

jsik7 06-14-2006 9:00 AM

Hey John, <BR>Thanks for the reply. I am actually staying in Garden City, SC. Its about 15-20min south of Myrtle Beach. Yeah, I would love to come down and session. When do you usually ride? A.M. sets? Evening sets? Where in Charleston are you? Would like to figure out the distance? <BR>Thanks, <BR>J

sp0tts 06-14-2006 11:39 AM

My grandmother lives in Myrtle and I've seen people riding in the Intercoastal behind wakeboard boats when I was out golfing on a couple occasions, but never been able to find anyone, good luck finding a pull...

jsik7 06-14-2006 12:01 PM

Well its atleast encouraging to hear riders have been spotted there. Thanks

bremsen 06-14-2006 2:37 PM

Might check with the folks up in Wilmington (Cape Fear). Its about an hr north. endofropegang.com

trout 06-14-2006 2:51 PM

keenan... <BR> <BR>where do u ride? <BR> <BR>we are up on the wando.

nauty_tique 06-14-2006 3:37 PM

I know there's a Malibu dealer on 501 just before the intercoastal I believe, I'm sure they could probably turn you on to someone local to ride with.

keenan 06-14-2006 8:05 PM

Trout, <BR>Bushy Park usually but sometimes we drop in at cypress and ride all of the way up to the dam.

mjfan23 06-14-2006 8:06 PM

sry to change the subject <BR>John - are there many surf shops in charleston, where I can rent a fiberglass skimboard?

keenan 06-15-2006 7:24 AM

Eric, <BR> There are a few surf shops depending on where you go. I am not sure if they rent but I know they sell them. I hope that helps. <BR>John

trout 06-15-2006 7:45 AM

keenan- <BR>I've heard its pretty cool up there, we have not checked it out yet. We usually stick the wando and icw.

foxrepdc 06-15-2006 7:50 AM

Dang right!!! SC boys in the house! I am about 2 1/2 hours from Myrtle...just South of charlotte, nc actually. We are on Wateree or Wylie every weekend.

trout 06-15-2006 8:16 AM

SC baby! <BR>sweet. last winter we took a trip to nc...did a little rafting at nantahala. spent some time in the mountains, beautiful places. <BR> <BR>

jake5 06-15-2006 8:10 PM

Hey man let me know If you find anybody I will be down there on Vacation also in July. I would love to get a few sessions in also.

jsik7 06-16-2006 9:53 AM

Hey Jacob, <BR> <BR>Will do. Sounds like Charleston might be a possibility. I will call some marina's and boat dealers in the myrtle beach area to see if their are any local riders willing to give me some sessions. <BR> <BR>John

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