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ponyh8r 06-03-2006 9:24 PM

Need some help. I have a really consistant ollie to blind and can throw them off rollers, but when I try to take them wake to wake it always ends bad. Out of my maybe 12 attempts at the blind 180 w2w I have had two concussions. Both falls were to the back of the head. My friends said that I rotated properly, but that the boat pulled me out the back. How do I keep this from happening? Any help would be great.

alanp 06-04-2006 8:34 PM

can you do these passing the handle? if you cant learn it passing the handle first, then landing with two hands on the handle and lastly landing blind. whenever i fall or start my run i always do a b/s 180 inside the wake to the outside as the boat is getting up to speed

nautyboy 06-04-2006 11:36 PM

Yup, been working on this trick as well...totally sucks when you take those heelside diggers! <BR> <BR>Last time out I did a lot of inside-out blind 180s with the handle pass and that seemed to help. I have landed a W2W without the handle pass once, but I think I am going to work on the handle pass instead.

ponyh8r 06-05-2006 6:36 PM

alan, <BR> <BR>When I try to pass the handle, I always seem to drop it, so I figured that if I landed wrapped in the blind position, like the ollies, it would be a little easier. Maybe I will go back to trying a handle pass first. I will also try inside out...I never have tried it but I bet it can't be too hard. Thanks

dcdman67 06-06-2006 3:56 AM

pop, pull, look beetween your legs, pass, shoulders over the knees

fergie23 06-06-2006 9:54 AM

I have been trying these also and have the pop, pull down but can not seem to get the handle pass. I am getting the full 180 and landing, just no handle...any tips??? I can do the backside slide on the water with a handle pass, just not the jumping version. <BR> <BR>and yes, have taken a few falls and landed on the back of my head...but slowed the boat down a bit so it wouldn't hurt as much...

alanp 06-07-2006 1:38 AM

tracy good point when i learned these i had the boat going about 15-16 mph max. try the handle pass lower under your butt and that will possibly help. landing wrapped is in no way easier than passing the handle. im guessing your just not jerking the handle hard enough to create some slack in the rope. when you do it correctly you will jerk the snot out of the rope and rotate the trick and have a ton of time to transition the handle to the other hand(because there is no line tension). slowing the boat down considerably will reduce the line tension as well. also remember not to look over your new lead shoulder. if you do this you will overrotate the trick. i try to look back at the boats wake that im landing on. it feels pretty weird at first but i find when i dont i tend to overrotate. work on these and get them nailed. when you do the b/s 3 will come super easy. late

garret_s 06-10-2006 6:11 PM

If you are taking diggers, then you are rotating too early. Wait till the last possible moment to crank your body around, and your board will suction to the water. Tried these at Briscoe's clinic today, and got REALLY close using his method. Actually, there is a great instructional on this site...but as far as digging your back edge, he told me I was rotating too early (even though that feels right).

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