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02-17-2001 7:09 PM

i can't get my crows down consistantly. times i land it and times it is like i do a surface 180. any suggestions?

02-17-2001 8:02 PM

What's up Erik. I don't know if I can help, but I will do my best. it is really an easy roll once you start feeling it. Cut in hard and edge to the wake. Stand up tall at the wake, let your arms out and look over your front shoulder. In the video "Detention", Shaun stress at this point that spotting the water is the key to bringing it in for your switch landing. After that look up at the pontoon boat that is passing, give them a big thumbs up, and smile cause you da man!!! Good luck in sticking this trick solid. I hope that I helped. If I didn't then go buy the video's Detention because they are the best instructional video that I have seen. <BR>Peace <BR>Todd

or left shoulder if you're goofy 02-17-2001 8:55 PM

It sounds like when you come off the wake you're ducking your head and not your shoulder. You have to dip your right shoulder (or left shoulder if you're goofy) to get the proper rotation. Good luck

02-17-2001 11:30 PM

as you land go ahead and look a toward the boat. also stand taller at the wake and keep your handle in close to your body. <BR>Greg Johnson <BR>-mastercraft <BR>-bellevue board gear <BR>-zeal optics <BR>-portland ski boat center

02-21-2001 4:21 PM

throw your lead shoulder towards the wake you take off of.that way you will spinthe 180 and flip. look over your shoulder to keep spinning and flipping. you can either look for the boat to come around to help you spot the landing or waht I prefer is to look for the shorline and land that way you edge away from the boat and keep on riding. dont look into the water cause where you look you will go.make sure you edge all the way up the wake and stand tall to get good pop, dont throw it off the wake. good luck <BR>Kent Armstrong <BR>Newt Juice Binding Slime <BR> Ride on.....

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