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conn0191 05-21-2006 5:45 PM

I am looking to purchase a 1999 Tige 22i and am wanting a boat that will produce a good wake for wakeboarding. Can anyone tell me their experience with the TAPS system, the quality of wake this boat will produce, and the quality of the boat overall. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

bill 05-21-2006 5:55 PM

i dont have a lot to add but i rode one back in 2000 a few times and no matter what we tried it had th smallest weird shaped wake of any boat ive ridden behind.. <BR> <BR>its a ski boat first and foremost and it never had a quality wakeboard wake... <BR> <BR>other boats in that price range and size like dd supra launch,malibu sunsetter or early model wakesetters,malibu resposes and many othe boats will make a beter boarding wake for you...

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