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entrustclothing 05-21-2006 11:46 AM

yesterday i demoed the LF Fish and PS3, i have new LF boots so i've really been wanted a new LF board to match. i currently ride an 03 hyperlite premier and like it alot but the Fish is a board i always wanted to try and i like the looks of the ps3 and a lot of my friends ride it and love it. i figured i would like the ps3 since the shape was similar to my premier. <BR> <BR>ok first off i'm an intermediate rider at best. <BR> <BR>so first i give the fish a ride. i rode it finless, it was very loose and carved well, kinda gave me thta snowboard feel a bit. felt really small on the water looking down at it. the boad was really fun i really like the feel, this was the first contius board i rode in a while so i wasn't sure how i would like it. but it had good pop, deffinitely not as much as my premier but better than i thought. overall i really liked the board and would like to spend some more time behind it and i will put it in my list of possibilities. <BR> <BR>Next i rode the PS3, i was ready to fall in love with this board, i love the colors and the shape and it's a 3 stage so more what i'm use to. i was ready to fall in love but it didn't happen<IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" ALT=":-(" BORDER=0> the board cut good and was great riding around on the water but i just couldnt not get the pop that i thought i would. i felt retarded riding it like i was doing something wrong. i know people that ride this board and go huge on it, so i don't know what my deal was, it felt really kinda soft and mushy to me. i wanna give the board another chance maybe i was having a bad day. i got the fish to pop much higher, whcih didn't make sense to me? anyone else feel this way about the ps3?

lfxstar 05-21-2006 8:36 PM

you couldn't pop a PS3, might need to work on your edging technique. I am trying to get the board to pop a little less, my knees are hating me

pittsy 05-21-2006 8:41 PM

make sure you edge all the way through the wake and then you should get the pop

iamnathanhudson 05-22-2006 2:44 PM

if you want pop.....GET THE WATSON!

deltawakerider 05-22-2006 2:53 PM

try the shane board, plus u love the guy...

ozwest 05-22-2006 3:46 PM

What size Fish did you demo?

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