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krasher31 05-20-2006 11:24 AM

i've a;lready had surgery(patella graft) on my left leg and just got done with my 6-8 mths rehab for my right leg. <BR> <BR>I rode for the first time yesterday and every time i land w/ my most recent surgically repaired leg forward i have a pain in my knee. <BR> <BR>Could my surgeon have not used enough tension or is this pain normal??? i don't remember this pain with my left leg???? <BR> <BR>What does anyone thik??? please help?!?

phantom5815 05-20-2006 2:26 PM

You could be breaking up scar tissue, but have you been keeping up with the exercises with your left leg as well? Also have you been having any aching/pain in your left leg with other "extreme" activities ? <BR>

krasher31 05-21-2006 6:22 AM

The left leg has almost completely gone back to original strength . The right leg the one fixed 8 mths ago has been reluctant (patella graft) so mabey it's still not strong enough??? <BR> I'm gonna go see doc on Mon. <BR> It could be that surrounding muscles need to get used to the new acl tension. What do you think. I'm open for suggestions til i see doc.

jon_a 05-21-2006 7:15 AM

4 Years after my ACL/MCL reconstruction I still have some pain in my knee when I land. I would say it is to be expected but you might want to take it careful just to be sure.

phantom5815 05-21-2006 8:46 AM

Having some pain after surgery is normal. You've probably been favoring the left leg more since your surgery on the right. So the fatigue factor maybe also an issue for your pain. You may think your good leg is in great shape, but when you alter your gait it affects your entire body. <BR>It's been a year since my ACL surgery and it's sensitive with jumping, especially with hard landings. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by phantom5815 on May 21, 2006)

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