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xtremebordgurl 05-20-2006 11:07 AM

Ok, so I'm trying to get my brother into wakeboarding, and he can get up and cruise arround but he always says he hates it cause the boots are too hard to get in and out of. so last yr U bought him 05 Murrays, which when I rode them myself at the boarding school this past feb I discovered how super tacky/sticky they are to get in and out of. So i want to get him a pair of boots that are super easy in and out super comfy and will last for a long time. He's got a mens 13 foot, which makes it hard. So my questions are, what would you guys suggest and where are some good places to sell the 05 murray's and how much do you think I can get for them? <BR> <BR> <BR>Right now I am looking at the 06 murray's for him and the cwb torq's or zueses... any one have any experience with the cwb boots or any suggestions for easy in/out with other boots?

xtremebordgurl 05-20-2006 11:10 AM

*** "I" bought him " sorry for the typo***

innov8 05-20-2006 11:24 AM

The CWB Hinge techs for shure, easy in and out. I would go with the Zeus over the Torq they have better support. They make the Zeus in a XXl for a 13 to 14 foot. <BR>As far as the Murrays go you shouldent have a problem seeling them. You can put them for sale on this site under the classified for sale section. Dont know the condition so I dont know what you could sell them for.

xtremebordgurl 05-20-2006 11:28 PM

the murrays are brand new, I think he only wore them maybe 4 or 5 times, they are in pristine condition. <BR> <BR>Do you know of any issues with the zeus or the torq? Have you tried them on? Are they comfy?

padavi 05-21-2006 6:11 PM

get some binding lube, i had the same problem, got some lube, now its 100x easier

sp0tts 05-21-2006 6:22 PM

Pat has a pretty good idea, just get some binding lube. As far as new bindings and what to get, I personally think that the new Murrays and 3ds are just as easy (without lube) to get on as the Zues, but I do have a skinny foot. I also think the Hyperlite stuff is more comfortable. I rode the new Murray's and 3ds the whole week I was at Murray's camp and my buddy has the Zues which I've been riding until my new 3ds' come in. I think your brother would like any of those 3 bindings more than the old Murrays, but if he's not that into the sport I'm not sure if spending the cash is justifiable. You are gonna take a hit on selling the old 05 Murrays, but you should be able to get something for them either on here or on ebay. Hope this helps.

dadthedriver 05-21-2006 6:32 PM

Go for the CWB TORQ's Unless you like a really stiff boot and need the height the Torq's will be just fine and because of the liner they are even easier to get in and out of then the Zues's. My boys ride the Zues's but Mom and I like the Torq's. Size 13 is not problem in the Torq's <BR>

xtremebordgurl 05-21-2006 6:42 PM

thanx guys for the input yea we do use binding lube to get in, but they're still tuff to get out of, and I hate wasting lube on getting out of bindings. thanx again guys.

nickdakoolkat 05-21-2006 9:23 PM

The Zeus' are sick and easy to get out of...also the transits are super comfy and surprisingly easy to get in and out of. The watsons are easy to get into also but I have yet to ride in them, only tried them on in the store.

criswb 05-22-2006 9:58 AM

The Watsons... its unbelievable how easy they are to get in and out of, and how much support they have. YOu dont even need to use your hands to get in or out of them (well, you do need them to tie and untie the laces but thats about it) They are really supportive but super comfortable.

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