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ladythump 05-18-2006 9:14 PM

Can someone please find me the thread on salt water boating and boat preparation ... ?? <BR>I tried searching but not one thread comes up. Does anyone know why??

wakeriderixi 05-18-2006 9:20 PM

I ride in salt water...

wakedood 05-18-2006 11:13 PM

Yeah, I've had a problem with the search not finding stuff I know is there for a while now. Just try and search on "salt" and it doesn't find anything, not even this thread.

walt 05-19-2006 7:24 AM

Do a search in the boating archive.

taylormade 05-19-2006 8:04 AM

yeah, I've found the search function on this particular board ...uh... less than user friendly, although it can be if you know how to use it. Make sure you narrow searches by choosing "AND" instead of "OR" and when the thread specifically deals with one subject, salt in this case, make sure that you change the "look in" to subject instead of text. Searching "salt" and "water" in the subject lines provides a LOT of results. Here's one thread that you started back in March, I'm not sure that it's the one you're looking for or not. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/1/306002.html" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/1/306002.html</a> <BR>

liquidmx 05-19-2006 8:45 AM

For some reason I have had trouble with the search function as well. I recently couldnt find any threads on topics I knew were there. Sometime I will even search super general and I will get only a page or two of hits; I used to get like 15pgs of hits when I searched that general. <BR>

wakedood 05-19-2006 8:51 AM

Matt, that's what I noticed. Running the exact same search phrase that I've used for months will pull up things that it used to find, but will not find any new posts that it should. <BR> <BR>And like Scott mentioned, I find if the search is too broad, it doesn't find anything at all.

wakeworld 05-21-2006 1:23 PM

Yes, the search function does seem to be acting funny. I'm on the case!

poserondubs 05-21-2006 7:50 PM

chenge the settings to search subject and 360 days..youll find what your looking for!

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