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fullonsalesgrp 05-18-2006 7:14 PM

Ok so tonight I have had it! I turn on the tv to see on both Espn and Fox Sports they have poker on both networks. So I invetigated at the same time on espn2 there was guess what POKER. <BR>Now I understand the rise in popularity in the card game, but come on this was during prime time on a Thursday night not to mention they will play poker three more times again after 12 am. <BR>I mean COME ON FSN owns Fuel they can't throw a bone for one hour once a week or maybe ESPN who owns the X games, if they want wakeboarding to grow they can do this by giving us a fix. <BR>What do you think about getting a letter writting compaign together, can we get this published in Wakeboarding mag or Alliance. Maybe Dave will do a front page story that we could all sign and forward onto our friends. <BR>How many signatures do you think it would take to turn an execs head? <BR> <BR>Come on WW.comers <BR>I have seen you come up with some impossiable answers lets put our heads together and BRAINSTORM. <BR> <BR>itch

nauty_tique 05-18-2006 7:23 PM

I'm with you Itch, At 1st I thought your post was sure to get flamed for the poker rant, or non WB discussion, Of course I had to apply some stored brain cells and read a little bit for the good stuff! J/K I'm in, show me where to sign!

attila916 05-18-2006 7:49 PM

Where do I sign?

wakeriderixi 05-18-2006 8:07 PM

I'll sign!

papag 05-18-2006 8:21 PM

I'm all in!

dakid 05-18-2006 8:38 PM

good luck. espn proved how much they care about wakeboarding. (see <a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/1/324280.html?1147388865" target=_top>link</a>)

live2wakeboard 05-18-2006 8:39 PM

I'll Sign and i have a ton of friends that will sign along with us! Lets Get-R-Done

loudontn 05-18-2006 9:20 PM

Haha Itch, you all over the place with your protest. Like I said on the other forum. it's bean counters. Poker is cheap as dirt to produce.

kraig 05-18-2006 10:01 PM

I do agree with you that it would be nice to see boarding on Tv. But then I got to thinking, do we really need ESPN to push our sport just to have another 100 wakeboard boats on all our lakes taking OUR good water? Don't get me wrong, I do want our sport to grow and it would be nice for it to become more mainstream but there ARE drawbacks. We all fight for the water we have trying to get glass in the mornings, afternoons, during the week, etc.... Our sport will continue to grow no doubt, I kinda like that it's not growing faster. It means less wakeboard boats on the water and more water for me. Personally, keep it off ESPN and let it be that sport everyone wants to be apart of but haven't had tv telling them that they have to have it. It'll continue to grow, just let it do it slowly and the water will last longer!

ghostrider_2 05-18-2006 10:27 PM

Well put Kraig I agree 100% if I'm jones'ing then I'll <BR>a.get on the water <BR>b.get on the tramp <BR>c.watch a video( D.S., Relentless,etc.) <BR>d.toy with the boat <BR>e.play my 360 to get my mind off it..<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by ghostrider_2 on May 18, 2006)

scheersound 05-18-2006 10:57 PM

I'll sign. I think playing poker is fun but watching it on TV is a waste of time. Just my opinion.

goinbigg17 05-19-2006 6:24 AM

I would just be down for them to get poker off TV. I hate flipping through as well and seeing it on every channel at any time of the day. FSN used to have their extreme sports hour, but not no more. It too was replaced with poker. Why do people want to watch others play anyway? What happened to the traditional spectator sports like basketball, baseball, football, etc......

byrd 05-19-2006 6:37 AM

What I want to know is when did a bunch of douchebags sitting around with attitudes and playing cards become a sport? I guess it is a sport to lazy fat bastards that cant get up behind a boat. By all means, I like to play cards with some friends and drink beers, but come on ESPN watching that is about as exciting as watching Golf or paint drying. <BR> <BR>I'm done, I'm in as well.....

pureblue 05-19-2006 6:46 AM

I think a petition is an excellent idea!

kirk 05-19-2006 7:05 AM

<BR>The networks play whatever will earn them money <BR>(viewers) It's all about money $$$$. The poker <BR>dotcom companys are laying down big bucks to sponsor these shows. A petition wouldnt make a difference... <BR> Get people to quit watching them and maybe you have a chance.

fullonsalesgrp 05-19-2006 7:21 AM

I have in at FSN in Denveer I will call him and see what he says, and he used to work for ESPN.

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