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jwat142 05-18-2006 6:11 PM

I am looking at some land on a private lake and was wondering if it will be big enough to turn a double-up on. Obviously I will look at the lake, etc., but I just wanted to see what some other peoples experiances have been. The lake is 12 acres and measures 1700' long x 200' wide. Does anyone have any input on the size of the lake? Thanks.

srh00z 05-18-2006 6:49 PM

I am not sure about D-ups with that width. The private lake I have been on was 18 acres (if my memory is correct), but it wasn't as narrow as the one you are looking at, it was more like 400' across. There was plenty of room for D-ups on it. Maybe some of the fortunate few that live on private lakes will chime in. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by srh00z on May 18, 2006)

driving 05-18-2006 7:29 PM

That's pretty small. It would be short even for a waterski lake. Anything under 2000 is short, and at least 300 is pretty narrow. If you think about most guys ropes being 80+ feet, 200 isn't a lot of room. I'm sure you could make a double up happen, but just riding wouldn't be that much fun. It would be A LOT of turning around.

jwat142 05-18-2006 7:53 PM

Travis, <BR> <BR>Do you happen to know how big the boat lake at OWC is?

roadking 05-18-2006 7:57 PM

OWC is 2300 feet

tbonus 05-18-2006 9:48 PM

Two ways to gauge it: <BR> <BR>1) A certified ski course is 850 feet long. End to end you are only twice that. <BR> <BR>2) If you could turn your boat around in 100 feet at each end, leaving 1500 feet of straight pull, it would take 77 seconds from turn to turn. <BR> <BR>Does that help. Sounds like it may be a little tight but it sounds perfect for a private cable lake. Probably get er done for less than a new boat. Let me know, i've got my thinking cap on.

tbonus 05-18-2006 9:51 PM

Sorry for the jacking but as I said i've got my thinking cap on. <BR> <BR>Does anybody in So Cal got a private lake worthy of a cable system?

driving 05-19-2006 2:57 AM

Yeah, OWC is just is a little of 2000, and it is tight with a fully weighted boat. One of my least favorite places to drive a contest. It doesn't help that one end is super narrow. It is a work out to drive in there all day. <BR> <BR>And, Tbonus, a cable will run you over $150k, not installed I believe. Definitely not cheaper than a boat.

olddude 05-19-2006 6:10 AM

As Travis said, OWC is 2000', our man-made private lakes are 2250' long and 400' wide at one end. We get five or six tricks in each way, IMO, too short!

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