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usarmyttt 05-18-2006 4:49 PM

Here is my plan....I am going to install a 5 channel amp, the amp puts out 75 watts per channel @ 4ohms and 120 @2 oms. The 5th channel(sub) will push 375 @ 2 ohms: <BR>I am going to run the 4 interior speakers off of the front 2 channels, wiring them in series at 2 ohms. <BR>The 4 tower speakers will be wired in series from the rear 2 channels. <BR>I am going to put the sub box under the drivers feet. <BR>Ok... a couple of questions.... <BR>1. If I want to turn it up for the boarder out back but not kill the people in the boat I will be able to use the fader....right? <BR>2. When I do the above question will the sub be too loud? I do have a sub controller...should I put that in? <BR>3. With wiring the speakers in series is the amp going to be sending each one 65 watts RMS? <BR>4. The tower speakers are the top 6.5 coax from Kicker...will it be pretty loud???? I am told they will sound nice. <BR> <BR>Thanks

tbonus 05-18-2006 5:24 PM

Todd <BR> <BR>1) If your head unit has front and rear pre-amp outs you can use the fade as you described. If it only has one pre-amp out you will have no fade. <BR>2) I would run the sub controller if you have it, it is nice if you listen to a wide range of music genres. As well, if your head unit does have front and rear outs, then you can run the boat and sub off the same side and when you fade to the tower the sub will lessen with the boat speakers. <BR>3) You will have 60 watts at each speaker. <BR>4) Nice and load. <BR> <BR>Problem you may run into is overheating of the amp because you are running everything at 2 ohms. It may cut out at high volumes but you won't know till you try. (It won't hurt the amp.)

akdoc 05-18-2006 7:50 PM

You are running the speakers in parallel, not series. You describe it correctly but used the wrong terminology. Just FYI.

usarmyttt 05-18-2006 8:34 PM

oop's....I meant parallel. Thanks

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