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gr8wakes 05-18-2006 12:08 AM

I found an 2000 Toyota Epic S22 Open Bow for 24k. Great condition 104 hours. Any thoughts?

todd_everton 05-18-2006 2:03 AM

<a href="http://www.epicmarine.com" target="_blank">www.epicmarine.com</a> . <BR>You'll find everything you want to know.

talltigeguy 05-18-2006 9:11 AM

I have ridden behind one and thought the wake was terrific. The engine has a reputation of being bulletproof. It was underpowered for the 1800 pounds we had in it.

festivus 05-18-2006 9:12 AM

I had an S22 for 3 years, never a single problem, literally. Despite being out of production, it held it's value extremely well. Like todd said, check out that web page.

bocephus 05-18-2006 9:57 AM

Do a search here on this forum. This was just brought up last week!

cyclonecj 05-18-2006 5:00 PM

You know, you can fix that underpowered thing by going to an Acme three blade. I love my epic, it does almost everything well. Lousy ski wake (epic22)

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