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jamescoop 05-17-2006 6:35 PM

Can you use a wired remote off a CD-changer to control a head unit? In other words, does the wired remote for a cdchanger have teh smae plug as the head unit wire remote input? does anyone know where to get wired remotes for cheap?

brucemac 05-18-2006 10:58 AM

need more info. totally depends on the head unit you have. most mfg's have propietary connectors that work off of the changer port, others have their own remote port and of course some simply don't have a wired remote option. there are work arounds though. i had a pac audio SC1-Kit installed. it's basically a tiny infrared transmitter that hooks up to a learning remote (your head unit has to come with a wireless remote) and then that plugs into a marine pad control unit that you can put anywhere on your boat. it works really well. the infrared eye can be flush mounted pretty much anywhere near the head unit. check out the marine section of pac audio's site. the whole kit can be found online for about $60. obviously a branded pad to match your deck would be best, but you didn't tell us what you've got so i have no clue. in my case with my kenwood deck, i didn't have a wired kenwood option because i chose not to buy their marine head unit. good luck.

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