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goodwin 05-17-2006 12:21 PM

MBSports.net has a short promo, but not much information. The bow kinda looks like a X-Star. <BR>Anybody know anything about this new model from MB? <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/327459.gif" alt="Upload">

seangriswold 05-17-2006 12:24 PM

from what i hear the wake is going to be sick. no word on price and i think the length is 23' something

bocephus 05-17-2006 12:25 PM


anodyne 05-17-2006 12:27 PM

I'm intrigued... this thing better be good if it's been seven years in the making!!

alans 05-17-2006 12:46 PM

I assure you, the only thing it has in common with an X-Star is the pickle nose. The boat is going to be totally insane.

anodyne 05-17-2006 12:49 PM

...and that it's a boat designed for wakeboarding.

audiopro74 05-17-2006 1:00 PM

I got to see the prototype. It's goingt to be sick...................<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/blush.gif" border=0>

jarrod 05-17-2006 1:38 PM

"length is 23' something" <BR> <BR>from the looks, 2 feet are a complete waste.

flux 05-17-2006 1:52 PM

There will be mini torpedoes that shoot out of that so called wasted 2 feet. Not only will this boat put out a revolutionary wake, but you can blast any seadoo pests or S-turn tubers right out of the water.

tings00 05-17-2006 1:58 PM

where on the website did u see the promo

dr_inc 05-17-2006 1:59 PM

flux_now thats what i like to hear <BR> <BR>ive ridden behind a fully loaded MB B52 and hte 220(?) and didnt like the wake at all... maybe this will help it... i cant wait for the advertising from MB and mastercraft though.... its gunna be like those election commercials.... "OUR PICKLE FORK IS BETTER THAN THERES" <BR> <BR>one thing tho.... if it has a playpen up front in the bow... that would be awesome... i did like the b52's playpen <BR> <BR>

bocephus 05-17-2006 2:02 PM

Boy, the fiberglass repair lobby must be strong, all those stress cracks are really going to improve business.

flux 05-17-2006 2:26 PM

I am cracking on a boat I have never seen nor ridden behind. I just think their preview is a bit over the top and boastful. <BR> <BR>That all being said, it looks like it could be a cool looking boat and I hope the wake is as good as they say. Thinking out side the box is a good thing and helps push the industry. Although the pickle thingie is in full swing over at MC. <BR> <BR>As a side note, the new X-2 is (IMO) the best looking boat around these days, it's dope.

mendo247 05-17-2006 3:11 PM

that things gonna look dope with a tower on it!!

seangriswold 05-17-2006 3:20 PM

the bow is suppose to have a lot of room in it..unlike the MC pickle fork.... <BR> <BR>Bocephus...seem to be a little bitter towards MB..i thought perhaps you sent me the pics....oh well hopefully your CC is treating you well!

tlb 05-17-2006 3:24 PM

The drawings look like the Mach 5 from Speed racer

bocephus 05-17-2006 3:58 PM

Let's just say that my old MB left me a little disatisified. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by bocephus on May 17, 2006)

wake4fun 05-17-2006 4:01 PM

Although the pickle thingie is in full swing over at MC. <BR> <BR>If you can't beat em, join em? Rumor has it that there will be a pickle in a lot of jars next year...

erik_c 05-17-2006 4:24 PM

"the bow is suppose to have a lot of room in it..unlike the MC pickle fork.... " <BR> <BR>What x-star (03 and later) have you been in where there was not tons of room?

bocephus 05-17-2006 4:33 PM

<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/327559.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR>My old boat.

ralph 05-17-2006 4:40 PM

Surely there is enough ugly boats in the world already?

tlb 05-17-2006 4:44 PM

What problems did you have Bocephus??

seangriswold 05-17-2006 5:03 PM

i am 6'2" i guess they seem a little cramped to me. the x-2 is really cramped the x-star is not as bad. my understanding was that the new MB was going to have a ton of room up front. not that i really care since i dont spend anytime in the front of the boat anyway....just an observation

swab791 05-17-2006 6:01 PM

Let the jokes begin... <BR> <BR>Rename it the COPYCAT not the TOPCAT. <BR> <BR>A SICK WAKE...Can't make it on there own need to COPY <BR>someone else

mjfan23 05-17-2006 6:07 PM

I love how you all say its a copy, when you havnt even seen the real thing. Big deal it has a pickle nose like the X-star, that all the sudden makes it the same. How bout you all quit judging the boat before its even out!

bocephus 05-17-2006 6:24 PM

Well since their last "new boat" was a direct splash of someone elses boat just turned into a v-drive I don't think we would be calling the kettle black or anything.... <BR> <BR>24V is an exact splash of another deck boat, I think it's the Chaparel Sunsetta but I can't remember. I have seen both boats side by side though and they were identical with the exception of drives. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Bocephus on May 17, 2006)

newty 05-17-2006 6:39 PM

Bocephus, You actually drove that red thing in the daylight?

bocephus 05-17-2006 7:01 PM

Actually that red thing would do 86 mph with a 350 chevy! It's Placecraft!

ghostrider_2 05-17-2006 7:53 PM

mbsports.net is not a valid web site. <BR> <BR>everything until it is out for real world people to try is just personal/speculation. Why waste our time on this till it's out. <BR> <BR>Its just free advertising for them..

alans 05-17-2006 8:55 PM

Bocephus, I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with you last MB and I hope you have a better experience with your Nautique, the SAN is an awesome boat. I was a Nautique owner for 5 years before I bought my first MB. I never had a single major problem with my Nautiques ('01 SAN, '03 SANTE 800+hrs combined) besides the normal ones(defective ballast system, electrical, and needing to run an additional 2000#'s to have a respectable wake.) Go ahead and check them out on <a href="http://www.planetnautique.com" target="_blank">www.planetnautique.com</a>, same screen name. I own a boat dealership now and we deal only with inboards, sales and service. I install stereo systems, showers, heaters, Perfect pass, towers, etc. Needless to say I see every part of every kind of boat, bilge areas, electrical wiring, engine mounts, etc. Nothing is more of a pleasure to work on than an MB as far as accesibility to engine, ballast, and bilge. I have seen very few inboards that are not built well. I have never seen a spider crack in an MB, Sanger, Nautique, or Tige. I have seen spider cracking in Malibu's, Mastercrafts, and Centurions. Having said that, spider cracking means nothing really, it does not mean that the boat is not built properly. Mike Brendell builts great, solid boats. His attention to detail is incredible and everything they do is very well thought out. This new "Pickle" is going to rock and I am counting down the days till I can get one on my lot, I am sure it is going to be extremely innovative and I am sure the wake is going to kick ***. I personally rode behind a boat the other day that kicks the **** out of anything the "big three" have out, as far as wake goes. The SANTE has a great wake, but we all know it was a fluke. The X-Star and VLX were supposedly developed specifically for wakeboarding, and the wakes are nice but absolutely nowhere near what Chris Anthony developed in his garage. I know for a fact the Brendell has developed this new "pickle" around the wake, thats what MB is about, "Building The Perfect Wake" they are not kidding. I talk with Mike Brendell on a regular basis and he has to be the most passionate boat builder I have ever spoken with and he is freaking out about his new Tomcat.

bocephus 05-17-2006 9:34 PM

No big deal, no harm done, and I have a great boat now! <BR> <BR>OBTW, if anyone knows pickle forks it would be the Brendel's (It only has one L in it by the way). I remember my dad telling stories when Irv Brendell came out with a pickle winged flat. It was flat out crazy looking in the pictures but it got a bad reputation when Kenny Macintoch or Rick Lee crashed at Oakland in it, I think it was called Porky Pig or something. Don't believe everything that you read on the MB site though, Crazy Horse never ran faster than 176 (that was in St.Louis), and Al Bush crashed a ton of them trying. Hell, the Brendel's have been making splashes for decades, just ask Howard, Irv splashed his hydro to start one of the greatest splashing wars in boat history. I am surprised that Sanger doesn't have a pickle fork wakeboat out yet, after all it was Sanger who started with the pickle fork or maybe Kindsvater. Hondo (Irv Brendel's company) copied the Sanger. <BR> <BR>Now if we could just get Billy B. to start designing wakeboard boat graphics... <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by bocephus on May 17, 2006) <BR> <BR>(Message edited by bocephus on May 17, 2006)

madchild1 05-17-2006 10:24 PM

my dad had a brendel hydro v-drive in the early 80s. tunnel ram 454 with twin holley 650s, cavitation plate, etc. that thing was rad! <BR> <BR>too bad it's gone... <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" ALT=":-(" BORDER=0>

bocephus 05-17-2006 10:32 PM

I think this is a Brendel pickle but can't remember: <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/327688.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>Here's a Sanger I think: <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/327689.jpg" alt="Upload">

bocephus 05-17-2006 10:35 PM

I know this is a Brendel (Hondo) pickle fork:<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/327692.jpg" alt="Upload">

jon4pres 05-18-2006 6:42 AM

Why did it take them 7 years to develop? <BR>Why are they going to eat your head? <BR> <BR>7 years ago was 1999. That was before anyone had made wake specific hulls and MB was already thinking about it. (I doubt it but whatever)

yosquire 05-18-2006 7:59 AM

I was confused by it eating my head too. <BR> <BR>The ad built up a lot of suspence...I'm thinking "Wow" Then it said it's coming this summer.. "Hummm.."... To ..."to wakeboarding?"... EAT ..."Eat Gas?"... Your Head ...."What? My head? why does it want to eat my head? what does that mean? am I missing something?" <BR> <BR>Maybe that's a 55 year old trying to market to the X-Generation?

entrustclothing 05-18-2006 8:42 AM

i forgot that mastercraft was the first the invent the pickle fork. no one said they were copying when they did it. <BR> <BR>also MB hasn't resigned their hull in 7 years so i think the 7 years in the making is reffering to the fact that it's the first new hull from them in 7 years <BR>

bocephus 05-18-2006 8:47 AM

Entrust, <BR>That is not true, MB has made several revisions very similar to the revisions made on the Sanger V210 and Air Nautique 210. I have several problems with MB, moving forward with design isn't one of them. For example they got rid of the spray pockets on pretty much all of their boats. Do some research for once buddy, you also might want to check out dictionary.com ... resigned? Do you want the actual hulls to give a two week notice or what? <BR> <BR>(Message edited by bocephus on May 18, 2006)

ripr 05-18-2006 8:47 AM

I'd definetly say the hull on the B-52 has been modified from the '03-'04. The removed the cut outs in the back that always made that funky spine before the lip.

entrustclothing 05-18-2006 9:02 AM

i know the hull had a few changes such as the spray pockets removed but i'm reffering to the overall design, such as the top of the hull and the window and window lines, that hasnt changed <BR>

bocephus 05-18-2006 9:10 AM

You mean the deck? Again dictionary.com, reffering? Do you mean referring? <BR> <BR>The MB has changed several things over the last seven years. The tower, hull, interior, graphics, etc... In short what boat are you comparing it to that changed so much over the last seven years? Have you ever owned an MB? I hate MB's but I have owned two which helped me form my opinion.

entrustclothing 05-18-2006 9:21 AM

to me the MBs look dated, i've seen them over the last 4-5 years and the overall looks of the boat havent changed, i know the tower and other stuff has changed but the overall style and lines of the boat havent changed <BR>

seangriswold 05-18-2006 9:58 AM

we all understood what he was saying ...who cares about the spelling<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

entrustclothing 05-18-2006 10:19 AM

i obviously dont care about spelling <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> i don't get paid to be a good speller.

bocephus 05-18-2006 10:26 AM

It lends to the legitimacy of the statements made and the person making them. <BR> <BR>Go ahead and RIP me, I don't care. <BR> <BR>I just thought the comments were unwarranted and incorrect. Anyone can give their opinion, but actual experience and knowledge is worth exponentially more in my opinion. <BR>

super_air 05-18-2006 12:50 PM

Bocephus what spelling bee did you win? <BR> <BR>"OBTW, if anyone knows pickle forks it would be the Brendel's (It only has one L in it by the way). I remember my dad telling stories when Irv Brendell" <BR> <BR>

ebone66 05-18-2006 12:56 PM

"OBTW, if anyone knows pickle forks it would be the Brendel's (It only has one L in it by the way). I remember my dad telling stories when Irv Brendell came out with a pickle winged flat." <BR> <BR>You the pot or the kettle?

ebone66 05-18-2006 12:57 PM

CAR!! Beat me to it.

bocephus 05-18-2006 1:17 PM

1985 Prime Beef Festival Spelling Bee <BR> <BR>Please clue me in on what words are misspelled. Pickle fork or picklefork can be spelled both ways. I guess you could give me shiat for punctuation though, Brendel's vs. Brendels'. <BR> <BR>My point is that I don't give some guy that calls himself entrust clothing much credit when he's bad mouthing a boat that he most likely will never own and his statements arenít even true. <BR> <BR>Now why don't you scholars go and check out every post that I have made and compare them to Entrust Clothing, get back to me with that report guys. <BR> <BR>Either way Entrust Clothing doesn't know jack shiat about MB's. <BR>

billthom 05-18-2006 1:49 PM

They are giving you crap because you correct the guy for having two L's then go ahead and do the same thing.

entrustclothing 05-18-2006 1:52 PM

yeah apparently i know nothing, i was saying that overall the look of the boat hasn't changed which is true, the windshield line and rub rail and the deck hasn't changed that ive seen in 4-5 years.

oldcentury76 05-18-2006 2:12 PM

ha...<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0> is shiat spelled correctly?

bocephus 05-18-2006 2:24 PM

You were, Entrust? <BR> <BR>"also MB hasn't resigned their hull in 7 years so i think the 7 years in the making is reffering to the fact that it's the first new hull from them in 7 years" <BR> <BR>It looks to me like you were saying that MB hasn't redesigned the hull in 7 years which they have. You didn't say anything about windshield line, rub rail or deck or are those considered to be part of the hull? What happened to 7 years, now it's only 4-5 years? <BR> <BR>I'm just giving you shiat dude, I'm a general ass so don't pay attention to me! <BR> <BR>

entrustclothing 05-18-2006 2:43 PM

sorry i don't know all the proper boat terminology, did i spell that right? to me the hull and deck is all the same thing

unclesam 05-18-2006 3:18 PM

Well, I dont think any of this is worth arguing about. Who cares what the boat looks like or who knows port from starboard, bow from stern. I think the real argument is in the fact that Tomcat is the worst boat name ever. Sure it goes with the aeronautical theme but that doesnt matter. <BR> <BR>Here is my take on seven years in the making, I think they may be refering to the fact that they have been trying to master the perfect wake boat, and since the first B52 was in the 2000 model year(right? wrong?) the tomcat which I assume will be a 2007 is 7 years later meaning that every hull modification that have made finally leads to this boat. But who knows, I am probaly just talking out my ass. <BR> <BR>I think it is gonna need a pretty unique tower too, to look good with that agressive front end, maybe something like a malibu reverse tower, then they can steal from two companys.

bocephus 05-18-2006 3:36 PM

Sounds good to me Sam J, on everything but the stealing from two companies part. Brendel was making pickle forks long before Mastercraft and the tower was stolen from CC. LOL<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

unclesam 05-18-2006 4:16 PM

haha whatever, I was kidding about that anyways, I could care less about borrowing or "stealing" ideas as long as it works and looks better than the original.

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