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05-15-2006 3:08 PM

Ive been trying a FS 360 and have come close to landing it. For the 360 i let go of the handle before my other hand comes around to grab it and i cant get it down. Is there anything i can do to make this handle pass easier?

kingskrew 05-15-2006 3:17 PM

If you have access, practice on a trampoline. Jump in the air, tug with both hands to initiate the spin, and then reach around for the handle-pass. If you can't get to a trampoline, you're going to have to learn it on the water. Concentrate on popping off the wake, <b>then</b> pulling to initiate the spin. Pull hard with both hands and you should be able to get the handle-pass. Good luck! <BR> <BR>-Steve

garret_s 05-15-2006 10:34 PM

both hands is KEY. Also, make sure you have your eyes aligned with the horizon. Good luck!

pittsy 05-16-2006 8:51 AM

make sure your other hand is on the handle before you let go

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