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jess 05-15-2006 6:18 AM

I have my BS180's pretty consistent. I am going to start trying BS360's. What are some things I should try in order to minimize the amount of faceplants I am sure to take? <BR>

kingskrew 05-15-2006 3:20 PM

I found that by learning to land big, slow, lofty HSBS 180's, the HSBS 360 came very naturally. Go into the wake like you would for the HSBS 180, but pull a bit harder with both hands, and reach for the handle pass earlier. You should be able to spot the landing with plenty of time to get the board around and get back on edge. Good Luck! <BR> <BR>-Steve

alanp 05-17-2006 9:04 PM

they are pretty easy if you have your bs 180s solid. i find i have much more time to spot my landing doing b/s than fs 3's. when i was learning them i just hucked a bs 180 a little harder and the rotation came around. you will take some faceplants though. just part of the learning process. in fact i took alot of faceplants learning them

canaday 05-22-2006 10:05 AM

I landed 3s before 180s. If you go up easy and concentrate on a two-handed pull to the small of the back, then you should be able to come all the way to 3 fairly easily once you make the pass.

jess 05-23-2006 4:43 AM

Thanks guys! I'll let you know how I do this weekend.

06-13-2006 5:24 AM

Just hitching this tread as I am trying to stick a HSBS 360 from the plaines..Any ideas out here for a good stable bunnyhop HSBS 360??

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