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gator_boards06 05-14-2006 9:41 PM

anyone know how hard it would be to install Wakeboard Pro..in a 1997 Prostar 205??

yosquire 05-14-2006 11:47 PM

I just installed Wakeboard pro. <BR> <BR>it's about 3 hours + installing the paddle wheel. If your 97 MC has a paddle wheel (speed sensor) then it's really easy. <BR> <BR>1) Install the servo and connect it to the throttle (45 minutes) <BR>2) Install the Brain unit under the dash (20 min) <BR>3) Install the display (40-60 minutes) <BR>4) Find the Tach wire and spice in (20-60 minutes) <BR>5) Find the Speedo wire and splice in (20-60 minutes) OR Install the paddle wheel (2.5 hours) <BR>6) Hook up Power and Ground (30 minutes) <BR>7) Route a cable from the Servo to the Brain box (25 minutes) <BR>

gator_boards06 05-15-2006 5:36 AM

aight man sweet thanx for the info, how much did u pay for your wakeboard pro?? and also was it worth it do you like it?

yosquire 05-15-2006 12:09 PM

$1050. <BR> <BR>I've only used it last weekend. I wasn't too happy yet, but I need to give it more time.

smylie 05-15-2006 12:24 PM

why arnt you too happy with it? just curious cause we just got it installed and havent been able to use it yet?

gator_boards06 05-15-2006 10:33 PM

yeah why havent u been happy with it??

jayc 05-16-2006 12:59 AM

Not sure how its taking people 3 + hours, maybe if your taking into account the curing time for the sealant on the paddle wheel. <BR> <BR>As long as you read the instructions in advance you'll have it done in 2 hours. Once you have done one then you should be able to do the next in an hour or less. <BR> <BR>The longest bits are feeding the cables from the motor/paddle wheel to the dash and working out the best place to mount the paddle wheel. <BR> <BR>Skier to skier will do wake pro for $1020.

gator_boards06 05-16-2006 5:53 AM

jay do u have wakeboard pro? if so do u like it?

jayc 05-16-2006 10:21 AM

I have wake pro as do quite a few others I ride with. <BR> <BR>Its excellent, wouldn't get another boat without it now.

mobv 05-16-2006 10:42 AM

I drove a v-drive without PP for 3 years - installed PP and I would never buy another boat without it. If you're not happy there is a problem with the settings or installation.

yosquire 05-16-2006 11:38 AM

As I said, I need to give it more time. It'd be unfair to Perfect Pass for me to knock it based on one experience. There is nothing wrong with the Install or settings. I liked PP in my friends boat, so it maybe a personal adjustment time. <BR> <BR>We were running in a small lake (about 1000ft straight-aways.) The turn-arounds are small hair-pin turns. We were fighting with Perfect Pass almost falling off of plane at the end of the turns - so we'd have to throttle it out of the corners, then PP would spend another 200 feet getting the speed corrected again. I could out drive PP in this situation because I can set the RPM exactly where I want by making radical throttle adjustments that PP can not. Plus, we were running heavy, ~2500lbs plus 9 people. <BR> <BR>The Perfect Pass Manual suggests that it'll take 3 hours. The PP manual is kind of cheesy and isn't as thorough as it should be - especially with regards to late model boats. I suppose someone could do a half-a**ed install in less than 3 hours. If everything went perfect, I could install it in 1.5 hours. The reality is that, in the real world, you run into snags. My snags were finding the Speed wire and the RPM wire. You'd think the RPM wire would be fed right to the tach on an 04 Malibu. However, this is not the case, the Tach on an 04 Malibu is simply a read-out gage that is controlled by the ECU. The underside of the dash has about 100 different wires. The PP manual said to refer to the attached instructions for installing the paddle wheel - that's it -- no attached instructions. They neglected to provide information about what color of wire you should be looking for in a late model boat with an existing speed wheel. Malibu did leave the speed wire and tach wire stubbed out for future PP install. It took me 2 hours to find these wires as they were bundled so tightly in the wire harness and there were other wires that were stubbed out and lose. Late model Malibu's have some kind of HEI ignition with electronic advance - so with out a schematic, you can't find the tach wire on the engine. I don't have a fake lake, so I couldn't just fire-up the boat and test for RPM. I did this install solo, so I didn't have someone available to spin the paddle wheel to help find the speed wire. In the end, it's an easy 3 hour job, if you have two people, then you have to add in their time to. By spending 4 or 5 hours, my PP is perfectly installed with all the cables neatly routed as good as factory. <BR> <BR>It'd be easy to estimate under 3 hours if you've never done it.

leblanc1 05-16-2006 12:15 PM

When installing the PP guage, does it matter which of the factory speedo's I remove so that I can install the PP guage? <BR> <BR>1997 Ski Supreme V-drive

fox 05-16-2006 1:46 PM

Isn't there a setting to allow it to recover from a tight turn? My friends boat has the same problem. If you can make wide turns it works ok, but if you have the whole lake and you make a tight turn (a la double-up) to try to run back down the same line it takes forever to compesate. Is this the KdW?

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