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tomcalabria 05-11-2006 1:11 AM

I am looking to set up a group of people wanting to go wakesurfing this summer. Either on my boat or yours. Don't have a boat? No problem the more people we put together so the better!

dennish 05-11-2006 12:00 PM

Tom, <BR>Count me in. Where are we taking about?

tomcalabria 05-11-2006 3:19 PM

So I have four new names added to the list. No one out there wants to wakesurf?

ord27 05-11-2006 3:25 PM

I will Tom <BR>just buy the airline ticket from DFW and I'll go pick it up <BR>do you have a board I can use, or should I carry mine on...... <BR>ha <BR>that's all the jokes I got

tomcalabria 05-11-2006 5:40 PM

Hey Cliff, I will forgive you because I am from Texas and you have a nice boat. Next time I am in the DFW area I will hit you up for a pull.

ord27 05-11-2006 6:07 PM

sounds good <BR>thanks <BR>anytime

tantrum916 05-12-2006 6:19 PM

Tom <BR> <BR>I posted to this and don't see it actually don't see a bunch of peoples post that I have seen come through my Email.

tantrum916 05-12-2006 6:21 PM

Oh WOW my bad I posted under your other thread.LOL

broadcastsurfer 05-22-2006 10:07 PM

Hey guys if someone if inviting me to go wakesurfing I can't say no. My name is Michael and I live in Modesto. I will make the drive, lets discuss this further. I can be reached at <a href="mailto:mlambert@oxy.edu">mlambert@oxy.edu</a>. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me, I would really enjoy meeting some fellow wakesurfers.

kitstocks 05-24-2006 11:13 AM

Hey Tom, <BR> Its Kit When are you looking to get people together and ride? Let me know

tomcalabria 05-24-2006 1:20 PM

Hey Kit! <BR> <BR>I sent you an e-mail.

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