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ghostrider_2 05-10-2006 8:24 PM

I have to give MAD PROPS to Bryan at <a href="http://www.wakevideo.com" target="_blank">www.wakevideo.com</a> can't wait to recieve my new top mount trakker. <BR> <BR>His customer service is TOP NOTCH!!!!

wakedood 05-11-2006 8:59 AM

Yo Kenny. You getting the NEW top mount? when they say it will ship?? Its not even on their site yet. <BR> <BR>I got the one that mounts below and am lovn it, but one of my peeps is waiting for the new top mount.

rich_x2_owner 05-11-2006 2:32 PM

I'm waiting for the new top mount also. I heard June 1st is when it will be available.

ghostrider_2 05-11-2006 3:03 PM

yep, yep, and yep...not sure bout exact ship date right now...

wakedood 05-12-2006 1:07 AM

My bad. I see they have the new TopMount up on their site and taking orders. Wasn't there last time I looked. <BR> <BR>But I don't know about putting an order in so long in advance - wouldn't want to be "rubiconned".

nettlesbe 05-13-2006 2:24 PM

"rubiconned"... <BR> <BR>not sure if that's funny, or just mean.... <BR> <BR>(Message edited by nettlesbe on May 13, 2006)

anodyne 05-14-2006 3:36 AM

HAHA... maybe a lil bit of both??

ghostrider_2 05-14-2006 7:03 AM

ok I give whats "rubiconned" I get the conned part?

wakedood 05-14-2006 11:19 AM

Is a play on the new Rubicon speakers. Skylon kept pushing the release date out and some were waiting months for theirs. <BR> <BR>Guess it's not fair to imply Wakevideo would do that to you Kenny. They definately treated me well, and I didn't mean to dis them. I just felt bad reading the posts about people waiting so long for their new toys.

trakkerguy 05-15-2006 7:59 AM

Hey Kenny, thanks for the "props". <BR> <BR>I don't think "rubiconned" is fair. A "con" is something that is intentional, which I doubt very much is the case with Skylon's new speakers. <BR> <BR>As for us, Kenny was happpy because I sent him one of our old model TopMount Trakkers for free so he wouldn't have to be without for a month until we get the new model to him. <BR> <BR>Jeez, it's gonna be over 90 degrees, here today, what am I doing in the office????

ghostrider_2 05-15-2006 8:44 AM

ya what are you doing in the office? <BR> <BR>To Bryan's credit I wasn't "rubiconned". <BR>Bryan answered all my question's in good time, was very insightful of my worries, and just plain-old top notch customer service! <BR> <BR>I would do business with him again, and recommend him to friends.

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