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shawna_h 05-10-2006 7:21 PM

Everyone has got to see this movie! It has awesome delta riders, and killer pros!Music mix is cool. Derek Cook has a rad section, throws huge off-axis spins and stylish grabs. Schwenne's amazing!Even the bonus section rocks!Alex Scagliotti, Valdez and Payton bros killed it! Thanks Jason, Sean, and everyone else who helped making this movie awesome!

walt 05-10-2006 7:35 PM

I should have My copy in a day or two.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

westsidarider 05-10-2006 7:36 PM

there is a premier in sac town tonight. everyone local should check it out. i know schwenne will be there. buffalow and sean branecki will be there. they have a bunch of the vid for sale hot off the press. <BR>you hoffman girls rip it up. its cool to see more chicks come into the scene on the westside. <BR> <BR>the whole movie is hands down sick and everyone involved in the making deserve a round of applause

wakedad33 05-10-2006 8:25 PM

Jason, when to you think you will be sending Alex's copies, stoked to see it.

dr_inc 05-10-2006 10:39 PM

i hear that those hoffman girls kill it... hahaha good job shawna

wakemitch 05-10-2006 10:47 PM

you guys should check out <a href="http://www.norcalwake.com" target="_blank">www.norcalwake.com</a>

buffalow 05-11-2006 8:29 AM

Great turn out for the Surf and Skate premier last night. Tons of people, raffle prizes and good times. The norcal crew was in effect including Aubrey, Bird, Schwenne, Lockin, Doud, Marchiniak and Cantrell. thanx to all for making it a great night. <BR> <BR>Hopefully we'll have a similar turn out on Saturday at the MOMO lounge. Check the Event Forum listing for detials.

ktmwakeboarder 05-11-2006 11:43 AM

The premier was way fun. Thanks for the Newt Juice Jason <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

fouroheight68 05-11-2006 1:51 PM

That was a fun night- Good seeing Derek Cook got alot of coverage in DS2, hes like a hometown hero in Morgan Hill lol

gina_h 05-11-2006 8:04 PM

Jason Callen, we saw you ride at Tulloch. It's amazing to me what you do on the Roam! <BR>Your section in DS2 is sick. You, Josh Storrer, and JD make that ride look so smooth and fun! <BR>-- So many good, unique, sections on that DVD!

walt 05-11-2006 8:18 PM

I just finished watching it and loved it. There's so much talent in this video and it was cool to see a few WW people in there too. <BR> <BR>Great job Jason &amp; Sean !

buffalow 05-17-2006 9:08 AM

Most of the shops should now have them. If you have'nt pre-ordered, call up your local boardshop and pick it up. We would love your input.

cheeseman 05-17-2006 10:03 AM

Jason, <BR> <BR>We will be showing it this weekend at Villa Lagos on Saturday night at the first Nor Cal INT event of the season. We will have it hooked into an incredible sound system, I am looking forward to it.

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