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de2ca 05-09-2006 12:32 PM

Hey I am fairly new to the sport...just bought my first "real" wakeboard boat. All I have used is an approved USCG vest. I have been checking out the O'Neill Gooru Comp Vest... <BR> <BR>What is the difference USCG vs Comp and if I use a Comp vest at a state park or on the river/delta (in CA) am I going to get heat for it? <BR> <BR>Any help?

kingskrew 05-09-2006 12:36 PM

There's many threads covering this debate. Basically it boils down to: USCG vests are 50x safer and non-USCG are 2x more comfortabe. <BR> <BR>I've never seen someone get ticketed for using a non-USCG vest, but the potential is there. <BR> <BR>-Steve

innov8 05-09-2006 12:54 PM

Just stick with a Coast Gaurd Approved vest. There are alot of really nice coast gaurd approved vest by all the manufactures, and they are alot thinner then the past. Yes you can get ticketed for not wearing a coast gaurd approved vest. If you are a pro and riding in comps thats one thing. If you are new to the sport and just riding for the fun, then stick with a coast gaurd approved vest. A non coast gaurd approved vest isent goin to make you ride any better!!

jon4pres 05-09-2006 12:57 PM

USCG will float you if you are knocked out. <BR> <BR>Comp vests will foat you while you are conscious. But then again I dont need any vest at all to stay above the water while I am fine. <BR> <BR>I would say get a USCG vest.

byrd 05-09-2006 1:41 PM

I have said this a few times before, so I'll say it again "If you cant land a trick because you are using a CGA Vest, you need more practice, not a different vest"

joshugan 05-09-2006 6:22 PM

I agree completely with Byrd. Look for a segmented vest if flexibility is a big issue to you. I got an O'Brien Hinge for less than $50.00 on eBay and the flexibility is so much better than my former USCG standard type zip up double clip vest. <BR> <BR>Don't know where you live but in Az you cannot get ticketed for wearing a non USCG, you just have to have a flotation device on. BUT!!!! It only took one heavy fall in a non USCG for me to realize how much it was not worth it.

wakeboarder3922 05-09-2006 7:03 PM

I bought a non-uscg vest not knowing how much it would float. It is unlike the jetpilot stance molded vests because it is not just pads of flotation. The jetpilot stance molded vests float you at your eyes. So if unconsious you may sink. I bought a 2006 LF team comp vest and if floats as good as my uscg vest. See if you can demo one.

de2ca 05-14-2006 11:48 PM

Thanks guys for all your comments they really helped! <BR> <BR>Safety is the most important!!

peter_c 05-15-2006 12:19 AM

I broke a rib in a non USCG approved vest. I have an O'Neill USCG approved vest I wear now, and it is very comfortable. Plus I prefer the extra protection it offers. <BR> <BR>They can write you a ticket in California for not using a USCG approved vest.

fergie23 05-16-2006 8:48 AM

Any other reco's on USCG approved vests? I currently have a decent Body Glove zip up, double-clip type vest and am looking for something a little more flexible...thinking Liquid Force Hinge or Jet Pilot Full Metal Jacket...any thoughts on those? also, looking for something not too long or bulky...Thanks!

ozwest 05-16-2006 10:05 AM

My boyfriend witnessed his dad getting knocked out in a USCG approved vest and that vest floated him face down to where my boyfriend had to jump out of the boat to save his Dad. Being alert is your best preventative measure as even the USCG approved vests don't always float you the right way.

bkoz 05-16-2006 10:11 AM

I just bought this vest and really like it. Easy to get on, comfy and it floats me. I checked out the comp vest's but just didnt feel safe to me. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/327084.jpg" alt="Upload">

fergie23 05-16-2006 11:05 AM

Byron - which vest is that...Stance? <BR> <BR>looks nice!

srh00z 05-16-2006 11:11 AM

I have a JP Baller which is non USCG and it floats me as well as the USCG approved vest, but in light of some of the recent threads, I may be wearing a USCG vest more often. Two other guys I ride with have molded JP's and they don't float very well at all, the baller is similar to the vest shown above. I have also heard good things about the O'Neill USCG vests as far as comfort goes.

peter_c 05-16-2006 11:23 AM

"knocked out in a USCG approved vest and that vest floated him face down" <BR> <BR>The vest did exactly what it was designed to do. Kept him afloat, so you can rescue and revive him, when a comp type vest may have allowed him to sink. Before someone comes on and says they do not sink in their comp vest, fill your lungs with water then let us know how you do. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.go2marine.com/go2_structure/mfr/stearns/inflatable/inflatables.shtml" target="_blank">Life Jacket Info</a>

bkoz 05-16-2006 11:32 AM

Tracy, its the cell block. Heres a link. <BR><a href="http://www.boardstop.com/product_info.php?cPath=57_58&amp;products_id=868" target="_blank">http://www.boardstop.com/product_info.php?cPath=57_58&amp;products_id=868</a>

fergie23 05-18-2006 12:30 PM

I read some reco's on the JP Cellblock and they said it runs big--anyone experienced that? I am 5'8" and 155 and usually wear medium...thoughts?

deltaboarder 05-18-2006 12:40 PM

on Tuesday me and a couple friends stayed out riding a little late and a sheriff stopped us as we were finishing up getting ready to drive home and did a safety check and I had everything, but when I showed him I had enough orange vests he told me "ok great now I wanna see the wet vests you were using today" so we played dumb about CGA vests and comp vests and he let us off with a warning but said in CA they are going to be cracking down this year.

auto 05-18-2006 12:46 PM

I have used both, would not go back to comp unless i was skiing on shallow private competition lake, not worth the risk. I think Byrd said it best.

tcluv85 05-18-2006 2:52 PM

On Lk. Samm in WA, it is a $250 ticket for wearing non-USCG. I have seen the cops on Lk. Stevens in WA, pull over someone and have them take off their drysuit to make sure it was USCG vest underneath the suit. <BR> <BR>

ghostrider_2 05-18-2006 3:22 PM

Daniiel because they were wet don't mean you were wearing them while boardering you could have been sumo wrestling in the water and using those instead of nothing just for the little extra ump..<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>They have to catch you in the act a wet vest proves nothing, leaking ballast accidently got thrown overboard looking for something etc..

innov8 05-19-2006 8:21 AM

How about just wearing a C.G.A Vest and not havin anything to worry about if you get checked. If Shaun Murray can wear a C.G.A. vest and still throw down the run he did at stop one of the Pro Tour against Solven, then that just goes to show a non coast gaurd approved vest dosent help your riding so why wear one? To be cool? give me a break!!

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