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skurfer666 08-21-2002 6:34 AM

Soemtimes when I hit the wake I get real good pop, feels like I have good body position/strong edge into the wake, but after I hit and pop, the handle sometimes gets in front of me and and I land kinda hunched over forwards. I've got a bad habit of letting go with my backhand all the time whether I'm grabbing or not but I ususally land good though, my sketchy landings are like 40% of the time. Can anyone give me some advice on why this might happen or why it does happen???

lfrider10 08-21-2002 7:18 AM

Pull the rope to your lead hip....this gives u more balance in the air....and also allows you to edge harder.....at first i could nop\t jump w2w comfortably...but when u pull to your lead hip it is so much easier it makes you more consistent....also..just force your self to hold on with 2 hands...helps a lot...had same prob. too <BR> <BR>Peace

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