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doubleup360 08-20-2002 9:21 AM

Back in the day (two months) ago I use to be able to do tantrums very consistanly. I started trying to take them bigger and do different things to them and now I have messed them up so bad Im lucky if I can land 1 in 10. Has anyone else had the problem or think they can help?

tennyson0 08-20-2002 11:13 AM

Tim, <BR>When I started to take my tantrums bigger I did change the way I do them. Instead of coming off of my edge totally, I just let up slightly and edge slightly through the wake. This allows for a bigger pop and really allows you to go big. In order to take the tantrum bigger I really think you need to change you technique somewhat and this is probably why your having difficulty getting your regular tantrum back. Don't give up on taking them big just try to edge alot stronger until just before the wake. Good luck!

rootc 08-22-2002 7:16 PM

Try letting go with your back hand about 3 to 5 feet before liftoff. This helped me a ton. If you do this you don't have to worry about edging toward the boat, it'l happen naturally. The faster you cut the bigger you will go.

todd_g 08-27-2002 6:56 PM

hey tim I had this same problem. Although I lost mine for about a year. I just started to land them consistently again. I thing chase's advise is good, I changed mine too, and I dont completely come off edge any more. Good luck, youll get they back.

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