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t_brown 04-25-2006 9:08 AM

Is the Murray just like the Temet? I like the freeride ability of this board (Temet)and the forgivingness as well. I have a 138.1 and I really need a 142 and maybe a little more pop off the wake.

erik_c 04-25-2006 9:34 AM

In 04 it was called the temet but no one knew it was murray's pro model. So in 05 they renamed it the murray, but the shape is the same. I have an 05 murray 142 biolite for sale if you are interested.

t_brown 04-25-2006 9:55 AM

Where are you located?

sp0tts 04-25-2006 12:48 PM

Like Erik said, the name changed, but the shape didn't between 04 and 05. The 06 Murray is a new symetrical shape. You can find a bunch of brand new 05's on Ebay. Just type in and search for Hyperlite Murray, there's lots of bindings on there too.

t_brown 04-25-2006 1:52 PM

Which do you think is the best option? I was able to locate a new 2004 142.8 DNA for $175. what do you think?

garret_s 04-25-2006 8:07 PM

thats not bad, but I have seen them for 150 on ebay...

wakeriderixi 04-25-2006 8:55 PM

No one knew it was Murray's pro model while named Temet?! I don't think I believe that!

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