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bslakh 08-19-2002 8:09 PM

I'v been trying to nail a hs backroll this whole season. It is not happening. I usually slip out backwards its weird because I land in a squat positioin( not trying to) what the #*@%& am I doing wrong. I am having trouble spotting my landings (everything moving so fast amd all). My buddie has already landed it so he is rubbing it in real good.

tennyson0 08-20-2002 7:10 AM

Brad, <BR>Try waiting a little longer so that you get the most pop off of the wake as possible. This will allow you to rotate a little slower, thus, allowing you more time to feel and see what is happening. Try to take it big and slow and smooth. Good luck!

doubleup360 08-20-2002 9:24 AM

Take less speed into the wake and focus on going up. You will rotate slower so you can stick the board.

bslakh 09-01-2002 5:27 PM

Chase and Tim thanks for the advice this really helped I landed my first roll yesterday. I have been getting very close eversince I did like yall said and waited for the pop. I really started to see what was happening. I started to concentrate on not letting the rope go and boom I made it.

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