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wakemann 04-20-2006 12:16 PM

I wanted to know your opinions on the Orion 8004 &amp; 8002 amps. Who is running them and are they any good? They seem to have some pretty high output ratings. There seem to be some pretty good deals out there at local shops and on the net. <BR>

greg__s 04-20-2006 4:37 PM

I ran the 8004 to my sub and Boss 530's and was happy with the performance.

azwakekid 04-20-2006 7:18 PM

anybody know that the amp would work awesome with the nvs tyrants? cause im thinkin about it

joe_788 04-20-2006 7:44 PM

I have been running the <i>poop</i> out of NVS 1010s with an Orion 8004 for over 500 hours. Damn good amp, at an even better price. <BR> <BR>I just bought two more on ebay (brand new) for under $200 each. <BR> <BR>

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