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blaize 08-18-2002 3:00 PM

I started landing my HS backrolls a couple months ago, but I just can't get them to be consistent. Around 70% of my attempts end up with me slipping out and butt-checking. I'm thinking that I might need to let my board out behind me a bit more so that I land with more weight on my toeside edge, but if I let it back too far I'm always pulled into a backroll-to-revert. Anybody else had this problem?

thephatone 08-20-2002 1:53 PM

i used to have that problem a lot. i corrected it by edging all the way through the wake, then throwing the trick. when i landed like that, i wasn't getting enough pop to rotate all the way. if i could have seen it from the boat, i would have known that i wasn't making it all the way around. it seems like it when you're out there, since your board does hit the water, and it's sort of underneath you, but you really can't tell. have some videotape you.

wakedog102 08-21-2002 6:55 AM

i first landed a backroll last year and have perfected it this year. what you said mike is exactly what i needed to do to perfect it. initially i was taking the move straight over my head, but i read somewhere to really let the board drift up and away from me during the start of the rotation. doing this has increased my frequency of landing the trick from literrally maybe 2 out of 5 or 6 attempts to 9 out of 10. here's my mental break down of the trick: <BR> <BR>1) start out a decent distance from the wake (12-15 feet should do) <BR>2) classic progressive edge into the wake. <BR>3) stand tall at the wake (i mean tall, really pop up) <BR>4) look over your lead shoulder after you feel the pop of the wake to initiate the rotation <BR>5) relax your stomach and let the board go up and away from the boat, not just over your head. <BR>6) if you do it right you get whipped around FAST and will spot your landing within a split second <BR>7) once you see the water your body will know what to do, just put the board underneath you and ride away, no more butt check. <BR> <BR>oh and another thing: commit to the trick. i was screwing around yesterday and did it without committing and now i have a really nice slice of skin missing from my wrist because i threw the trick too early, cased the second wake and the board slammed into my wrist. <BR> <BR>hope this helps

thephatone 08-21-2002 7:32 AM

yah, not committing can also cause your back leg to bend really quickly, injuring your knee and/or ankle, as i have done 3 or 4 times this season. go big or don't go at all, is my philosophy.

larsfh 08-25-2002 4:25 PM

I have been trying to do the backroll the last 2 years, without any success. Take a look at this: <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakeboard.no/lars.avi" target=_top>www.wakeboard.no/lars.avi</a> <BR> <BR>This was a close one, I just seem to let go of the rope all the time. Any tips? And what's up with all that looking around, I am rotating - not on sightseeing - who has got the time to look over their shoulders and spot the landing. When I land, it's like a surprise party. Perhaps I need to do some more sightseeing on this trick?

brinks 08-25-2002 10:12 PM

Lars, <BR> You need to hang on with two hands and stay on your edge all the way through the wake. <BR>Try this: <BR>1: start about 10 - 12 ft from the wake. <BR>2: turn and slowly start to drift into the wake with both hands on the handle and slowly building your edge harder as you get closer to the wake. <BR>3; your hardest edge should be right on the wake. <BR>4: as you come off the wake you should still be on your edge. you want to push off the wake with both legs and look over your lead shoulder and give just a "very little" tug on the handle with both hands towards your lead hip. <BR>5: keep your eyes open and watch for the water. <BR>6: spot your landing bend your knees and squeeze the handle tight with your hands and ride away <BR>post a clip when you land it <BR>Later <BR>Brett Brinkerhoff <BR><a href="mailto:desertoasiswakeboardschool@hotmail.co m">desertoasiswakeboardschool@hotmail.com</a>

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