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04-17-2006 8:51 AM

hey yall i tried my first w2w and i need sum help on b/c i went out yesterday and i did everything correct except when i got in the air my body like leveled out n i faceplanted...so thnx in advance for ur help

liquid_force24 04-17-2006 6:03 PM

ok im not a boat rider but i no my shizit about tricks on cable and behind a boat!!! <BR> <BR>what you want to do is take a small progressive edge into the wake as you hit the wake flatten off as you hit the top stand tall and push the handle down!!! <BR> <BR>these are the fundamentals for wake to wake!!! <BR> <BR>l8ers

garret_s 04-17-2006 7:35 PM

this has been covered quite a few times. The reason your body is "leveling out" is because of one of two things: Your rope position, or your body position leaving the wake. <BR> <BR>Rope: Try to keep it as close to your lead hip as possible <BR> <BR>Body: you need to be taking a progressive edge through the wake. Most likely, you are edging really hard, then letting off, and just coasting in, which gets your body leaning the wrong way, and kinda whips you forward, into a faceplant. If you dont understand what a progressive cut is, google it. Im tired ok.

04-24-2006 1:27 AM

i can jump the wake fine. but i let go of the rope just before land . im getting good height .its just my landing! <BR> <BR>help

04-24-2006 8:04 AM

I followed some tips on this site over the weekend and pretty much cleared my w2w everytime. I'm so excited. I've got it figured out now. <BR> <BR>If you are letting go of the rope before you land it's because you are not keeping tension on it as you edge across or you are leaning forward as you jump causing you to go off balance which gets the handle ripped out of your hands. You have to edge all the way through the wake and keep tension on the entire time. Man when you do it right for the first time it feels so natural and smooth...believe me. <BR> <BR>Try only going 7-8 feet outside the wake. Start a slow edge and then speed up as you get close to the wake and then go all the way through the wake and keep tension on the line. Do worry about trying to stand tall yet for this step. Just edge all the way through the wake and feel the tension and you'll pop without even knowing it. I can now clear the wake with or without standing tall. Just depends on how high I want to go now. <BR>

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