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powdrhound 04-16-2006 6:21 PM

Hi all <BR>I am looking at getting an 89 malibu skier in pretty near mint condition. I tested it on the weekend and it ran well. I am just not sure about the wake <BR>it didn't seem to have any kick. It was ok but I am not convinced. that said I do suck and haven't ridden for a year (due to a knee recon) before testing it. <BR>we only had 3 people in the boat and a 500lb sac in place of the back seat. <BR>If I go for this am I going to be dissapointed or do they have a good wake with a bit of weight??

rich_g 04-17-2006 7:12 AM

I had a 94 Skier and if you are looking at it primarily for wakeboarding, you will be dissappointed. It was an absolutely great boat and I loved it, but we outgrew the boarding wake. <BR> <BR>Totally sacked out, you can get a good shape medium size wake. In my experience, you can never get a big solid wake. The low freeboard limits how much you can weight it down. Also, there is no room to hide the weight, so you are cramped.

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