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krizzpy 08-16-2002 7:44 PM

Can someone help me? I cant get any pop off the wake...and i cant get air due to no pop...i think thats how it goes. This is what i do, im in the water and my lead hip is my right hip. And i go out TS because i can come back in HS. But even though im getting speed towards the wak i still cant get any pop...could this be because im not cutting hard enough...do i want to go basicially 90 degrese(sp) into the wake? IM really flexible..but i dont know if that help...and i ride a Hydroslide Matrix with C#@p quad wrap bindings...so im also wondering if my board might be to heavy. But if anyone can help me out or yell at me to tell me what im doing wrong would make my day. <BR> <BR>Aaron

obrienride16 08-16-2002 8:53 PM

my guess is that you are flattening off before the wake, thus making your cut into the wake pointless because you have lost all the tension you built up in the line while cutting. the line tension is what gives you pop (loading the line), so if you flatten off before the wake, you get no pop.

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