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02-10-2001 5:11 PM

And what tricks should a beginner learn to do, as well as how much should I ride and so what should I be doing in the gym to shape my body for wakeboarding? I appreciate any sincere replies.

02-10-2001 5:45 PM

Belleza, <BR> <BR>As a begginer go ahead and start learning to ride switch so that it will be easier for you in the long run. Just work on jumping wake2wake and getting a grab in there when you can. As a begginer ride till you get too tired take a break and ride some more. <BR> <BR>Don't get discouraged, just have fun on the water and the tricks will come soon enough.

the video 02-10-2001 5:57 PM

I'll 2nd that. Learn switch asap. Get comfortable riding and crossing the wakes first, then as start riding switch right from the start. If you start to lose it its easier to come right back to your regular stance. <BR> <BR>Also buy Detention (the video) and there is an interactive CD from Sports On the Edge. This has a waterproof book you take to the lake with you to check on your progress while you're riding. <BR> <BR>Having fun is more important than what you pull. Soon you'll be addicted like the rest of us. <BR> <BR>BTW, what board and bindings are you riding with?

02-10-2001 6:30 PM

I'll third all that!!! I wish I had learned to ride switch better earlier, but I will have to go with the last parts even more. HAVE FUN!!! I think that there are alot of people who have forgoten that aspect of riding. I'll admit I had a few months of forgetfulness. I would get out there and be so mad at myself for not riding better than I could, that I would not have any fun. It wasn't until I lightened up and remembered the basics of just having fun, that I progressed conciderably, learning 4 new inverts with in a month. So remember, your riding is an expression of you, whether doing a wake 2 wake or a speed ball. Have fun and keep your head up if you can't do something. stick with it untill you get it. Get the video "Detention". It will help you out a lot. good luck with your learning! <BR>Todd

02-10-2001 6:35 PM

Learning to ride switch is very important. Another very important aspect is the progressive cut, it is the key to everything from a wake2wake jump to a hoochie krypt. Start outside the wake slow, and get a harder edge as you come in. Don't move on to something else unless you have the basics covered. What I mean is...don't go out the first day and try a 360, learn wake jumps, then grabs, then 180s, then grab 180s and 360s. Don't rush yourself to learn, doing that will only either make you mad or get you hurt. Most of all HAVE FUN! <BR>Later <BR>Tiffanator <BR>LadyBoarder <A HREF="http://www.hometown.aol.com/jetskierxp/index.html" TARGET="_top">http://www.hometown.aol.com/jetskierxp/index.html</A> <BR>AIM Suprachickchick <BR><A HREF="mailto:Thelandroid@yahoo.com">Thelandroid@ya hoo.com</A> <BR><A HREF="mailto:Tiffanator@hotmail.com">Tiffanator@ho tmail.com</A>

not really sure 02-10-2001 7:54 PM

Thanks everyone for the info...much appreciated. <BR>Masterpainter: I have a 99'/2000(not really sure) Hyperlite Mikala, and 99' Hi-backs. My main problem with this set up is that the bindings are so tight, and set up wrong on the board I feel like my ankles are about to fall off. My two big problems besides that are that: 1> I don't know which foot is the dominate one... <BR>2> I don't know how to set up the binding on the board( particularly the stance set up). <BR>Any suggestions or tips? <BR>Thanks Everyone! <BR>-Grace

02-11-2001 1:47 AM

tell a friend to push you fairly hard from behind sometime when you are not expecting it. Usually the foot that goes forward is the one you would put forward. If you don't seem to care thats even better because riding switch shouldn't be a problem.

02-11-2001 7:27 AM

To save some time, get the Dentention video series

02-11-2001 10:32 AM

Learnign switch quickly is the way to go, i wish i had learned sooner. In order to figure out which is your lead foot, without losing friends which would happen if somebody came up and pushed me from behind as MP mentioned, find a hardwood or linoleuom floor in your house run up to it, jump and slide on it, whichever foot is in front is probably going to be your lead foot. <BR>Stance, when you start you are probably going to want to angle both feet slightly forward, this helps you get up, and is a little more comfortable while riding, as soon as is possible however straighten your feet out on the board, depending on height. Always match the holes up, ie front foot is on the 3rd hole, so must the back foot. to start feet like this <BR> \ \ then move to this \ / which allows for riding switch etc... Good luck, hope you enjoy it as much as we do. <BR>Where are you riding at?

02-11-2001 11:08 AM

Remember to have your fundamentals down before you move on to learning tricks...progressive cut, standing tall at the wake, keeping the handle in. If not, you'll have little or no success.

02-12-2001 7:52 AM

I did not start this thread. But appreciate the pointers.It is nice to know I am not the only beginner out there that at age 38 and female probably will never do the bigger tricks.Just out to have a great time and laugh a lot.

02-12-2001 12:20 PM

Linda, it's a little off topic, but I'm 58 and while I certainly will never do the "bigger" tricks, I'm determined to do 360's and at least one invert this summer or hurt myself trying. 38's not old! <BR> <BR>On topic, I agree with the others to get comfortable riding switch right at the beginning. <BR> <BR>Also just fool around a lot riding up and down the wake and between the wakes doing surface 180's off the wake and on top the wake etc. That will give you a real feel of the board under you. <BR> <BR>Then wake2wake jumps, switch and regular, toeside and heelside. While you're mastering those, you can start one-wake 180's. The easiest is probably switch toeside to regular heelside, at least that's how it worked for me. <BR> <BR>Good luck, <BR>Go Big or go small, but go!! <BR>Gary

Palm Beach Watersports 02-13-2001 1:50 PM

IEWC: <BR> I try to either ride at the Palm Beach Hilton Resort.(Palm Beach Watersports). <BR>-Grace

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