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guido 08-15-2002 1:42 PM

Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with my consistency on spinning tricks. Everything goes great, except for the landing. I seem to do the same thing on my 3's, 5's and even 180's sometimes. When I land the handle get's pulled away from me. Sometimes I can hold on, but sometimes not. I usually land with the handle close to my hips, but it gets pulled out. Am I not holding the handle in tight enough, or am I slowing the board down too much on my landing. I kinda think I am landing a little heavy on my rear foot. Anyone else ever had this problem? It's getting kinda anoying.

08-08-2003 6:24 PM

I had that same problem with my 3's. I kept getting so pisd off because the rope would keep getting wiplashed. My dad knows a pro, so i asked him what might be wrong. He said it might be how im handling the rope. This might just be me but when i was in the air i tended to pull the rope closer to me. When i landed the rope didnt have as much tension as when i took off. I practiced on my tramp holding the rope right, and i was landing the conistantly after.

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