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02-09-2001 4:07 PM

Alright guys and gals, I need a new trick. I am tired of not progressing. So I need your help. What's is the sweetest trick that you have seen, or can do. My goal is to learn one new trick per month. that may be impossible, but that's what I am aiming for. So you have to help me out here. pleeeaaaasssseee!!! <BR> <BR>Todd

02-09-2001 4:17 PM

moby dick! You almost had it last week, it won't be long for that trick!

02-09-2001 4:19 PM

R7 - Raley to a 720. <BR>Pete 7 <BR>Indy Whirly 7 <BR> <BR> <BR>These are fairly easy tricks, so you should be able to stick 'em.

02-09-2001 4:58 PM

Ok something more realistic,joe.lol,Take all your tricks and grab them and/or take them to blind .If you do a raley then do a hoochie ,if you do that already i think a Murray style hoochie blind judge is in order.A method Scarecrow or crow mobe is awesome.Well you get my point.I really like a Bee Sting which is an Sbend grabbed at hoochie the brought to revert late.,sort of a sbend/hoochie/krypt.Its been done a lot so go do it ! <BR> <BR> <BR>Later <BR>Bill <BR>NWA <BR>Bad Ass Wakeboards

can you tell? 02-09-2001 6:07 PM

Spin,spin,spin,and spin even if you already spin keep adding 180s or different grabs to the ones you already have. <BR> <BR>spins make my day! (can you tell?)

toe Side 313 02-09-2001 6:24 PM

Do a 90210 (toe Side 313) or a F-U(true toeside roll to blind)

02-09-2001 11:24 PM

getting alot of great ideas guy. Thanks for the input, <BR> Joe, I don't know about those 720 thicks. How about I do them with 5's? Will that be ok? <BR> Bill, I like your Ideas about grabing everything I am doing now. I have been working on that recently. I finally just got my Hochie Glide back, because of a seperated collar bone. <BR> Chad, spins are a problem for me. I will deffinently need to work on those. <BR> Ben, I am curious, true ts roll to blind? <BR>Keep the tricks coming and I will see what I can do on the water. Ride safely and push me to ride better. Thanks all

02-10-2001 5:23 PM

What is this I hear that your first new trick on your list WAS a TS 540? Heard you landed it first attempt behind a ski boat with 1 sac and no pole! Hate I missed it! Did you try it a second time?

02-10-2001 11:13 PM

Todd, <BR> A true toe side roll to blind is a trick Parks and Danny showed me awhile back. Edge in throw a normal toeside back roll, as you come around turn your body blind this will place your hand behind your back and you will be facing the boat unlike most blind tricks. It is really a freaked out trick. give it a shot. Some people call this trick a frontside U turn..That is how it got the name F-U <BR>Later, <BR> Ben

02-11-2001 6:45 AM

Yeah Whit!!! Landed a 5, first try. It was luck, but it happened. I tried a second time, but failed to ride away. Maybe next time I will get it right. <BR>Alright Ben, the F-U is this months trick. I like the sound of it and I am not doing any of my tricks to blind yet so I'll start with this one. <BR> <BR>Todd <BR> <BR>oh yeah Whit, no more missing lake trips. That was your last excused absence. I am going to need to see a doctors note for the next time you wanna play hookie. Lookin' forward to seeing you about there next time

02-11-2001 1:00 PM

Another flip?? How about a blind 5 or a switch f/s 5,b/s 7?? Grab those for fun! <BR> <BR>peace,D-Up4life

02-14-2001 6:43 AM

Yeah, Todd, ride like a man and start SPINNING! That's what it is all about, and see B.G. knows what it's all about...DoubleUP for life!!! My brother rides for them, you know...lol. <BR> <BR>Bonnie <BR> <BR>P.S. Just messin'...I already know you can spin...you proved it last weekend!

02-14-2001 12:10 PM

What's your bro's name? Does he ride for a shop or a rep? What board does he ride? <BR> <BR>Peace D-up4life <BR>BG

02-14-2001 12:57 PM

My brother is Greg Tuman. His name is on the new DoubleUP video at the end in the credits...under DoubleUP team. We both ride for a couple of local shops in Oregon, and for Y2Kp as well. He is riding the '00 Nelson 140 right now...not sure what he plans on riding next! <BR> <BR>Bonnie

02-14-2001 2:55 PM

Yo that's killer i got that vid about a month ago i'll look for his name next time!!Y2KP is cool as f*ck, I talk to ED all the time, I think he is gonna help out with the slider we are building.My Nelson,pure ride 139 will ship to me this week!!yeeeaa!!All the D-UP's are phat this yr!!Anyway It's good to talk to some D-up family members!! <BR>peaceD-UP4life

e Tuman (Wakechick) on W 02-14-2001 6:57 PM

Definitely good to talk to other people who actually APPRECIATE DoubleUP...haha. Yes Ed at Y2Kp is really great...you should check out the rider's page on the site and you will see my brother there too. <BR> Sorry to take away from your trick discussion, Todd, but since I have found somebody else who likes DoubleUP I must take advantage :). Go for the crow mobe!!!! <BR> <BR>Bonnie

02-14-2001 11:27 PM

Hey Bonnie, It's cool if you want to use my post as a DoubleUp discussion. I know that there are only a few people who are good enough to ride there equipment, so if you find another one besides yourself, B.G., and who was that other guy.... uuuummmm.. hummmm, what was his name, oh yeah you know him yeah yeah he's your brother, Greg Tuman! I am pretty sure that he even ride for them. ;-} I am sure by the end of the season you will have me riding a DoubleUp board no matter how much it hurt my pride. Just kidding. <BR> <BR>B.G. you inspired me. I think that I am going to have to change my goal. I am going to do 2 new tricks a month.. one spinning trick cause I suck at doing them and one inverted trick. <BR>Wish me luck every one! <BR>Todd

e Tuman (Wakechick) on T 02-15-2001 4:49 AM

Todd, I think it would make my entire YEAR if I got you on a DoubleUP board!! It would be a miracle I think...haha. I am going to keep pushing until you break down and give in...I will get to you, oh yes, I WILL get to you ;) <BR> <BR>Bonnie

just teasing! 02-15-2001 10:39 AM

New Trick? I think you should just forget about wakeboarding and just start TURNING TRICKS!!! (just teasing!) <BR> <BR>Darn Bonnie, and all along I thought your brother rode for Double Mint! You mean you're not twins??

e Tuman (Wakechick) on T 02-15-2001 12:43 PM

No wakebunny, sorry to disappoint you...Greg and I are not twins. He is doing a Double Mint shoot though...look for it in the near future ;) <BR> <BR>Bonnie <BR> <BR>P.S. I like the comment...you know what I mean!!!

02-15-2001 12:56 PM

Yo, Todd, right back at ya!! My tricks are getting a bit stale, I will try one a month,because of you!! <BR>peace D-UP4life

02-15-2001 3:43 PM

I hear ya B.G.!!! <BR>Bonnie, you have alot of work to do!!! I just don't know if I can polute my feet by standing on A DoubleUp plank. Maybe my own free DoubleUp board, would do the trick. HUMMMMM yeah I think I would break down and ride it for a pass or two. hehehe <BR>Todd

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