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04-10-2006 7:52 AM

04.07.06 <BR>Sportsstuff Chain Reaction <BR> <BR>Get ready for action on April 21-23 2006 with the 1st Annual SportsStuff Cypress Gardens Chain Reaction Professional Water Sports Tournament. The events organized by Pro Action Sports LLC include Wakeboarding, Hydrofoil Riding, and Freestyle Long Diving! <BR> <BR>This never before seen combination of action sports promises to provide high energy entertainment to those thirsty for flips, spins, and carnage. This event will be the highest single payout for a professional Hydrofoil event ever, with a total purse of $20,500.00! So expect all of the top riders to be there. Wake boarders from all over the country will also be attending, since this is one of the only Professional Tournaments to happen in the Central Florida area for 2006. <BR> <BR>In addition to the tournament, there will be Wego demonstrations, prize giveaways, a bikini contest, and a concert by country music stars Montgomery Gentry. <BR> <BR>THRILLS, CHILLS and SPILLS brought to you by the folks that know how water sports are supposed to be done! SPORTSSTUFF!

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