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skerzz 08-14-2002 1:26 AM

I have tried the t/s front roll soo many damn times now...i have landed it about 5 times but other than that i land on the board and slip out on to my butt. I need suggestions soo i can stick the flip clean

tennyson0 08-14-2002 2:51 PM

skerzz, <BR>Try to over-rotate the trick. Really throw your head towards the other shore and try to land on your toes. I know it probably seems like you are waiting too long as it is but if you wait a little longer in your rotation you should land it perfect. Hope this helps, good luck!

deans 08-15-2002 3:55 PM

also when you get about 1/2 of the way through the rotation try to pull your feet and board towards your butt and it will help give you that last piece of the rotation your missing

rootc 08-16-2002 9:20 AM

Working on the same problem. If I take the flip small I can stick it. When I go big, I usually slip out, under rotate. <BR> <BR>Warning: don't under rotate this flip to much: The ol' satchel can only take so much punishment, not to mention the risk of severe enema.

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