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02-08-2001 5:28 AM

Hi! I'm now interested on kiteboarding.. But I really know nothing about it... How it works?.. Anyone know any good website that i can find some information?? <BR>I really curious how you start your kiteboard.. I just cant imagine... and Do I really need to buy a new board? Can I use my 136 option wakeboard with these kites?? <BR> <BR>Thank..

02-08-2001 5:42 AM

<A HREF="http://www.kiteboarding.com/" TARGET="_top">http://www.kiteboarding.com/</A> <BR>another one of those hard to find url's <BR> <BR>peace

02-08-2001 5:54 AM

or <BR><A HREF="http://www.liquidforce.com/2000/showcat.cfm?catnum=6&amp;parentcatnum=0" TARGET="_top">http://www.liquidforce.com/2000/showcat.cfm?catnum=6&amp;parentcatnum=0</A>

02-08-2001 4:07 PM

Bryan <BR> <BR>*lol*

02-08-2001 4:42 PM

The site I've found with the most info about kiteboarding is www.sskiteboarding.com --It's pretty sweet and they do a nice overview of stuff. At the same time, I am just as curious and clueless as you are though. I wrote to ss asking if a regular wakeboard would suffice and what type of kite would be both a good trainer and starter kite. It seems that you really need to buy a trainer first and learn to fly a power kite before you buy one that can actually get you riding. This is all speculation though, ss never got back to me, and my interest kind of faded. If you find out anything on your own, let me know. Good luck. Peace. <BR>T

02-08-2001 7:50 PM

If you are in the Dallas Texas area, Call the DFW Kiteboarding school. They can get you set up and rinding. 972-641-0480

02-09-2001 7:20 AM

Hey! <BR>I am not even live in The United State..

02-09-2001 2:27 PM

What if you fall and your kite goes down. Can you get your kite going again if it is laying in the water a couple hundred feet away from you? Or is it not a good thing to let your kite go down? Just wondering, never been. Just seen in videos ect..

02-09-2001 2:45 PM

Kiter <BR> <BR>A lot depends on the type of kite that you have. Foil kites are difficult to get off the water because they do not have the air baffles to float the kite. There are kites that have air baffles and these will float. Obviously, the kites that float are easier to lift off of the water. <BR> <BR>The kites will collapse when you take the tension off of the lines and they usually drop very close to where you let go - usually within 50' - depending on your speed at the time of the fall and the windspeed itself.

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