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03-25-2006 8:35 PM

I was trying to learn how to do a Raley last summer and every time i go off the wake i get fully extended and i end up doing a flip instead of bring the board back down...looks pretty good from what i hear i actually landed once(with out the rope)i read up on how to do it but i cant seem to be able to complete the trick. I get fully extended but just cant bring it back down...any thoughts?

alanp 03-28-2006 7:02 PM

tim a couple of thoughts i dont know for sure but you may not be loading the line correctly. i think youre loading the line early coming off your edge and the line is reloading while youre in the air and flipping you. or you are coming into the raley with your arms fully extended, standing straight up the rope tightens and you'll flip. a raley is a function of inertia swinging the board back and nothing more really. before you try them i first learn to take huge cuts into the wake and you'll feel the board slowly drift behind you. itll actually be hard to keep the board from not drifting. once you feel this on a consistent basis you are ready to just relax and let the thing fly. itll be super easy once you can get the cut correct. late

03-29-2006 5:51 PM

well thats pretty much it, my arms are fully extending as i come of the wake and since i dont ride with anyone who knows how to do them or even really try them i just kinda wing it that day and more or less it was pretty much for fun in the being but then after awhile i wanted to get it down. i seriously am fully extended in the air just couldn't figure out how to bring it back...I tried kinda what you are saying to do but just didnt feel confortable at all doing it...hopefully this summer i'll get it down.

alanp 03-29-2006 10:05 PM

good luck. i tried to wing it when i first started and did the same thing you are currently doing. you'll get it.

parkgirl 03-30-2006 8:31 AM

make sure your weight is even on both feet when you change edges at the wake....and look at the boat when you are in the air. Done right, you dont have to pull it yourself, it just happens naturally. (My $.02)

gdy66 04-12-2006 4:52 AM

From what ive read on the advice on here you guys are right, the cut and setting up for the raley is the most important bit. When i was first learning i ended up flipping like in the vid. What i found to be one of the main problem with doing a raley is your mental approach, i know it sounds weird but uve really got to want to stick it and not be scared of catching a toe edge. I spent ages flipping like that and i fond that it was mostly down to the fact that i was s**ting myself about catching an edge &amp; you subconsciously let go of the handle. The most important thing is hold on no matter what. The reason ur flipping is the inertia of ur board moving up behind you, if you let go of the handle you the physics of it all means that the board will continue to go up and over ur head therefore making you flip. <BR> <BR>My advice is simple, you've gotta really want to land it and hold on no matter what. Also a tip try it on a wake skate with fins then u wonít worry about catching a toe edge. Itís all psychological man. <BR> <BR>Sorry if this sounds like a bunch of crap to everyone else but everybody has a different approach hey.

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