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morety 08-10-2002 9:46 AM

Yesterday I tried my first 360s and I always came off axis and landed on the side of my head. I was attempting a HS FS 360. What do I need to do to not go off axis? Thanks for the help.

obrienride16 08-11-2002 4:45 PM

i used to do the same thing, what helped me was to concentrate on keeping the handle in close to the small of my back, and waiting to spin, if you throw it early, you'll go way off axis.

scoot 08-11-2002 10:54 PM

I got a prob too. Every time I try to throw a 3 my board chops threw the wake I fly out my bindings and the worst part is I dont even make it all the way around andicant get the handle either. What should I do?

westcoastrider 08-11-2002 11:49 PM

First make sure you know how to jump the correct way. Come in to the wake with meduim cut. If you try to charge it the first time you will come off axis. Leave the wake with handle down legs extended. When in the air almost at the top of the arch pull the handle to the small of your back or where your spine hits your hip. Make sure the handle is laying on your back so it will be easier to grab. then pass it and stop your rotation and ride away

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