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jwr 03-20-2006 4:13 PM

I've been wakeboarding for a few years, and I am looking into getting a wakeskate, i was kinda thinking the hyperlite karma, does anyone have any words of wisdom about the karma? I haen't really heard anything about it.

wakeslife 03-20-2006 6:11 PM

Some like it, some hate it, I've never rode it. Even though I ride a HL there are better boards out there. Get an Integrity or Oak and support a rider-owned company.

notsobueno 03-22-2006 12:13 AM

I had the 111....it was just too big (long) for me. I did love the kicktails though. I would'nt mind trying a 105. Can't beat the durability of a composite board. <BR> <BR>I've since moved to an OAK Artificial Heart 40" and couldn't be happier. <BR> <BR>Try to demo as many as you can &amp; then make a choice.

jamie_lamar 03-22-2006 7:00 AM

Justin - You know the real deal, give me a call I have one you can try out.

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