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02-06-2001 6:06 AM

In Shaft, the beginning of Darin Shapiros 2nd section he does a wrapped/off axis/720 off the double-up that is just killer. <BR>I know the trick is called "Iron Cross", but does anyone know anyone who has done this trick? <BR> <BR>This is the first and only time I have heard or seen this trick. <BR>KG

02-06-2001 6:22 AM

it comes from snow skiing <BR>grab the front boot while crossed up

02-06-2001 8:58 AM

?huh, he did it wrapped?

02-06-2001 5:10 PM

It's a wraped mobydick

02-06-2001 6:20 PM

it ain't a wrapped moby dick. that's some gay zane swenk crap. look at it on video and tell me its a moby dick. he finishes in a full raley.

02-06-2001 10:16 PM

I asked Darin about this trick right after Switch22 came out about the Iron Cross ,cause he does a huge one in his first section I think--He explained it as a wrapped moby dick, but said that he has done them with more than one rotation to them,like an extrat whirly style rotation in it. I'm not familiar with the sequence in shaft, but if that's the same trick, that's what he's calling it. I heard someone else call the wrapped moby dick a wrecking ball. <BR>Lates, <BR>CHRIS

02-06-2001 10:24 PM

In one of the wakeTV's they called a wrapped Whirly Bird a wreaking ball. In one of the great Educational parts. <BR> <BR>Isnt a Spiderman a back hand whrily bird? <BR> <BR>San Bernard River Militia

02-07-2001 7:14 PM

it's a wraped mobydick <BR>he didn't know where he was when he first started doing them so he started putting his arms out for balance,when he goes big he gets pulled into that raley looking position

02-19-2001 4:01 PM

A Wrecking Ball is a wrapped Moby Dick..later <BR> <BR> <BR><a href=mailto:billm@wakeboarder.com>bill</a> <BR> <BR><a href=http://www.crosswinds.net/~billswakeboard/nwa.html>NWA</a> <BR>BA Wakeboards- <BR><a href=http://www.astrodeck.com>BA Wakeboards</a> <BR><A HREF="http://www.boardsource.net" TARGET="_top">http://www.boardsource.net</A>

04-16-2001 2:13 PM

Darin originaly tried to do a wrecking ball but continued to rotate another 360 with the rope held over his head while held in his back hand. So we end up with a wraped other-hand whirly 720

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