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jbissell47 03-13-2006 8:11 PM

Anyone own a houseboat in the Northern California area that would be interested in renting it out for a week in June, the 5-12 to be exact. Just curious if owners ever rented.

keith_jones 03-13-2006 10:38 PM

Jeff I think you called my a couple of weeks ago about my houseboat at lake Don Pedro. Sorry for not getting back to. I mistakenly deleted your number. But to answer your question I do not think you will find a lot of takers on that offer. I know at lake Don Pedro if you get caught renting out a houseboat you can have your permit pulled and you have to remove the houseboat from the lake. So with that said, you can see why someone would not want to rent out there houseboat.

gherk 03-14-2006 1:00 AM

Hey Keith what if we were friends and I paid you for engine maintenance to stay on your boat for a while. Does LDP have rules against that? If not, can we be friends? I don't even need to move the boat.

forwaken 03-14-2006 8:38 AM

your killing me Paul.....lol hahahahhah

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