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mrm2083 03-13-2006 8:28 AM

The base price on an Air 210 is 48 grand, What does this come with? I'm looking for a boat under 50 grand, what does an 04 or 05 go for?

lsv_doc 03-13-2006 10:01 AM

This is the signature package, it does not have the computerize package and digital gauges, It has a keyed ignition and toggle buttons, analog gauges, tower, with 4 boat speakers. No perfect pass, It is a bare bone pacakge. Not sure on the ballast either. <BR> <BR>

stephan 03-13-2006 11:37 AM

There are a lot better deals than getting a SAN. Yeah it has a great wake but then again so does a Sanger V210 and you can score one of them for $35k with tower &amp; PP &amp; ballast. You could also get a Malibu V-Ride for $40k, with ballast, tower no Perfect Pass. If trying to fit in a budgt definately don't go to the most expensive boat (for what you get) out there.

jpk 03-13-2006 12:30 PM

The V-Ride now comes standard with Malibu Cruise Control (equivalent to Perfect Pass).

luchog 03-13-2006 4:47 PM

the 210 rocks, get it and add the gags later

projectely4 03-13-2006 5:16 PM

go for an X-1. <BR>with a base price of 39995 it comes with tower, awesome interior and dash, rear ballast tanks, and mastercraft cruise. also options like perfect pass and center ballast bag are also options so you can ghet the boat how you would like. <BR> <BR>plus its wake is proven to be one of the best around.

ridetilldeath 03-13-2006 6:44 PM

demo all the boats that have been talked about right here. then pick which ones u like and then make sure u buy from a good dealer. i didnt buy a wakeboard boat but i bought from the best i/o dealer i could find. <BR>definately demo all boats

attila916 03-13-2006 8:00 PM

I demoed and went with the X1. It is considered a price point boat but it does not look, drive, or throw a wake like one! I love mine. Is it hot outside yet?

hillbilly 03-15-2006 12:00 PM

I have yet to see an X1 for 40 the way somebody would want one. All you get is boat, tower, and single axle trlr for 40, and rear ballast I think. Attila could you help us out on this? By the way Attila you're boat is very nice.....I'm jealous....lol

jpk 03-15-2006 12:39 PM

Jeff - <BR> <BR>I have seen an X1 with tandem trailer, board racks, and ballast for $40K at the boat show. Early in the season when the X-1 first came out, the prices were insane - over $50K. Now I think MC is trying to get more competitive with them and dealers are stocking models wit less frills.

hillbilly 03-15-2006 1:14 PM

Yeah I looked @ them and thought what happend to 40 this say's 53. But If I had the money I would look at one real close. But then again I would look for an older version of the same hull and save even more money...But I'm a chaep hillbilly....lol

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