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wakeboarder3922 03-08-2006 4:58 PM

I have a 04 centurion cyclone and the wake has little bit of wash on it. I ride a about 70-75 feet at 22-22.5 mph. We have about 1,050 lbs. of ballast. Someone please help.

rich_g 03-08-2006 5:05 PM

Have you tried different adjustments on the wakeplate? I have a 98 Elite-V, and I added the manual-adjustable plate last year. The 98 did not come with the plate as an option. It made a big difference in cleaning up the wake. <BR> <BR>Try putting it slightly down. You also don't say how you have the weight distributed. You may try shifting some of it forward. If its overweighted toward the back, the wake will be washy.

kybool 03-08-2006 5:09 PM

where do you put the 1050#s? put more weight up front and/or speed up

ef3529 03-08-2006 5:22 PM

Avalanche does not like weight in the front at all. I am not sure about the Cyclone. I know they are based on the same hull but the Cyclone is shorter and more narrow. Put most of the weight in the rear. Also adjust the wake plate up. The wake is very sensitive like the SAN because of the deep V. Try moving the weight around and move people from side to side.

mbrown 03-08-2006 7:14 PM

Do you have the same amount people each time you ride, if so make some of them ride up front to try a little weight shift.

bigshow 03-08-2006 7:30 PM

Nice boat ef3529, and where the heck did you come up with your online name?

ef3529 03-09-2006 7:41 AM

Thanks bigshow, I just picked it up Monday. I had to have a name that I can remember with all the different passwords etc. that I have to remember. I will pm you why that one.

krbaugh 03-09-2006 8:02 AM

As soon as you can get us some pictures of the wake with a without the blade! <BR> <BR>When weighted properly my Cyclone will have just a touch of white water on the top of the wake on both sides. IT is not washed out. Like Ef3229 said wake plate all the way up and I would say add more weight on the passenger side

delbert 03-09-2006 9:24 AM

EF3529, Congrats on the new boat. I love the the colors and look of the boardstock edition. The dealer should have had that at the show.

ef3529 03-09-2006 3:14 PM

Thanks, Brian. They did not have all the graphics and billet dash etc. until it was too late. It is an awesome looking boat in person. I now have the tower speakers and racks on the boat. It has the Deafcon IV's. Man do they sound good!

whitie 03-09-2006 6:11 PM

Start with a 1k up front no weeight in the back. I rode behind one, the wake did not clean up till we had 4 ppl plus 400lbs up front @ 24mph. The boat has a real deep-v up front and narrow beam wich will cause the wake to curl. not a good design for wakeboarding but it throws a nice surf wake.

krbaugh 03-09-2006 6:19 PM

"Start with a 1k up front no weight in the back" <BR>Uh ok.......we won't be doing that in my boat :-()

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