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02-05-2001 10:33 AM

I was wondering if kiteboarding can be accomplished on a lake. Is their enough wind? I know it is usually done on the ocean. Has anyone tried it?

02-05-2001 1:22 PM

Kiteboarding can very easily be done on a lake. Many of the worlds best train on lakes everyday. As a matter of fact it is really nice if you have a big wind and simi smooth water like a lake would offer. You can even fly in lite winds such as 10 to 12 miles per hour with large kites like 16 meter or a 22 meter kite. I suggest finding some one that knows what they are doing to help you get started. Also learn on the land with a trainer kite or a small kite like a 5 or 3 meter. They can be really dangerous if you are not sure of what you are doing. Email me what area you live in and I will see if I can help you find some one to teach you. If you are in the Dallas area let me know you can come see us out at the DFW Kite boarding school. <BR> <BR>Ben Morgan <BR>Core Wakeboards

02-05-2001 1:49 PM

It seems to me like kite boarding would be a monumental pain in the ass. What happens when your kite dives into the lake and some drunk neck on a jet skis runs it over? You can't get a bunch of half naked chicks on a kite board like you can on a Wakesetter. You can't drink a beer when you kite board. I predict kite boarding sucks and I have never tried it.....

02-06-2001 3:17 PM

Hey Death. <BR>I'm with you on almost everything you said on your profile, but I think that you are full of <FONT COLOR="ff0000">••••</FONT>. <BR>Gore sucks and all, but it looks like you cut out that hummer picture right out of a magazine. Kite boarding is actually pretty sweet.

02-06-2001 11:45 PM

Hey Death if you wanna try Kite boarding give the DFW kiteboarding school a call. They can set you up with a lesson and then you can decide for yourself. 972-641-0480

02-07-2001 7:14 AM

NICE- <BR>I traded in my loaded black Range Rover for the yellow hummer in the pic. That pic was taken on the dealers lot and e-mailed to me before I made the journey to pick it up.... believe it or not. I could really care less dude.

02-07-2001 3:52 PM

DEATH--why do I think it would be a ton of fun hanging out at the lake with you during warm summer months? Something tells me you might be able to decorate you boat better than most....

which, in some ways, is like "death" 02-07-2001 4:15 PM

W., Too bad you're getting married.(which, in some ways, is like "death")

02-07-2001 4:24 PM

Hey death. If you are telling the truth about those trucks then I'm sorry. I was just curious? Why did you get rid ov the Range Rover. I was looking at one of the 4.6's last summer. Was it a dedcent towing rig. I decided on a little cheaper truck, but spent the extra cash on my wakesetter. How does the Hummer compare for you. It looks <FONT COLOR="ff0000">•••••••</FONT> sweet. I can only imagine all the looks you must get when you pull up to the loading ramp with the whole set up and all.

my favorite 02-07-2001 5:14 PM

nice- <BR>my Range Rover was 4.6 HSE. It was an extremely bad ass tow vehicle. It towed my Escape with ease. It had all kind of auto load leveling features and stuff. However, i'd probably look for a used Defender 90 (my favorite) and save a bunch. The Range Rover was more luxurious than a BWM 740il. I only got rid of it because I wrecked it on new years eve and it had 80,000 miles on it in 2 years. <BR> <BR>The Hummer is freaky. I have only had it three weeks and it is kinda a bitch to park. It also gets EXTREMELY bad gas mileage. I haven't towed anything with it yet. It is real loud going 80MPH down the highway. As far as looks, people almost wreck when I drive by them. It is pretty funny!

02-07-2001 5:28 PM

Out of curiosity, what are NY's "King Pin" laws? <BR> <BR>-Ryan

02-07-2001 5:30 PM

I had to drive a friends Humm-V to a dealership which was a 2 hour drive on a narrow toll road.Those things are bad as hell,but wide and slow to get moving in my opinion. <BR> <BR>I wouldn't want one for a daily driver.

02-07-2001 6:29 PM

So Death, If you wrecked on New Years Eve did it ruin your Trip to the brothers club in SF? I surely hoped your plans went OK. Thats what insurance is for.

05-03-2001 12:23 AM

How important is it to get a kiteboard? Can I just buy a kite and use my normal board? And I was just curious how long it takes to learn.

which you want in a kiteboard 05-17-2001 12:42 AM

A good wakeboard to use for kiteboarding is the Hyperlite Project or the Element. They are sick boards with the 4 fins ans they are longer (which you want in a kiteboard). I liked the Belmont, but the molded fins just don't track as much as the Project/Element would. <BR> <BR>If you use a wakeboard, use one with at least 2 fins per side (4 total) and the longer the board, the better.

Fla has the sun...we have the rain! 05-17-2001 12:46 AM

Oh, yeah...if you want to really get into kiteboarding forget the lakes and move up here to Oregon! The Columbia Gorge is sweet, and you realy can't beat it. I'm from the coast and the bays are pretty good as well. I'd can't believe that a lake could ever be better than what we have here. <BR> <BR>Sorry, but its not every day when I get to rub in the fact that I live in Oregon and somebody else doesn't. Usually it's the other way around. (Fla has the sun...we have the rain!) :-)

11-04-2001 5:17 PM

it sure can be done on a lake! i'm canadian, and on georgian bay this summer i saw a guy kitboarding. i was so stoked i wanted to try it out. but, unfortunately i couldn't.

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