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rgilby 03-07-2006 6:26 PM

i started building my light bar and am re-wiring my tower speakers and amp. the previous owner had duct-taped everything across the top of the cross-bar so i want to make it look better. i'm also re-powder coating the tower while i'm at it. question is this - the center portion of the tower does not have hollow ends - i'm assuming for water reasons - how do i wire the speakers and lights through the tubing so it looks clean and not duct-taped? the factory drilled hole is above the drivers seat on top...that's the only one. should i drill a hole on the upper left and send that half of the wires down the left side...and the other half of the wires down the right side? any suggestions on the best way to wire so they are hidden and look clean? i'm new to this, but am all about making my boat look as clean as possible. any websites that show what to use for parts/ connections, etc? I brought pictures of the neutrik/speakon connector to radio shack - they didn't have a clue - so i'm sort of lost myself. for the record, there is only one other boat in town that has a tower on it and he bought it that way - doesn't use it...so needless to say i'm a pioneer of wakeboarding in my community. HELP!!!!

tclagggym 03-07-2006 9:53 PM

If you could take some pics, it would help.

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