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thor 08-06-2002 11:32 AM

I've been landing my backroll with great consistency for the past two months, and I was thinking it would look really cool to grab it next. I tried a mute grab this past week at the delta, but all that resulted was a spectacular and painful crash. I think the problem was that my arm holding on to the handle got pulled away from my body causing me to end up flat on my back in the air grabbing the board mute. Imagine that crash. Ouch!!! Any help would be appreciated. <BR>Thanks.

tennyson0 08-06-2002 12:58 PM

Robert, <BR>You might want to try it to revert now. The reason I say this is because it seems like a natural grab would be slob and this takes your front hand off of the handle and thus causes you spin your 180. I can't figure out a real easy grab for a regular backroll so I have never done them with a grab. The backroll to revert is just much easier to get to for some reason. Anyway good luck and let us know how it goes!

eyesman 08-06-2002 1:13 PM

rob, <BR> <BR>you wuss! just kidding bud. <BR>hey, a roll to revert almost comes natural when holding on with both hands. if you want to try a mute grab back roll without the revert, try landing your back rolls with one hand first. this way you can easily incorporate a grab later because your free hand will be bored. went out with a guy on shawn's boat that did all his rolls one handed - he was able to pull off grabs. remember to keep that 1 arm tucked in close to you so you dont get what you had last time - OUCH!! just my $.02 worth - good luck! <BR> <BR>Dave

brinks 08-06-2002 4:44 PM

The easiest way to grab your back roll is a nose grab or a "fake" method grab which is grabbing the board on your heelside edge close to the nose. <BR>what you want to do is cut at the wake a little softer than you do for a normal back roll. when you leave the wake initiate the back roll and push your back leg staight and suck your front knee up towards your chest as much as you can. start reaching for the grab right off the top of the wake. if you do this right the board will fall into your hand. hold the grab as long as you can and when the board starts pulling you to revert push the handle towards your front hip. land and ride away <BR>later, <BR>Brett Brinkerhoff <BR><a href="mailto:desertoasiswakeboardschool@hotmail.co m">desertoasiswakeboardschool@hotmail.com</a> <BR>

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