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hadcity 07-31-2002 7:27 PM

Hey ive been wake boarding for like 5 months almost every day i can do like every begginer trick possible depended on what u consider a begginer trick. On my 3 i can get the handle all the way to the small of my back and i alway loose it and i end up ridin away with out a rope. Do u have any pointers!! <BR>thx hadcity

monboarder 07-31-2002 8:45 PM

Are you rolling your wrist that has the handle?

hadcity 08-01-2002 9:56 AM

No i dont think i am. Am i supposes to. <BR>

hadcity 08-01-2002 9:57 AM

No i dont think i am. Am i suppose to.

eyesman 08-01-2002 10:04 AM

jordan, <BR> <BR>how do you "ride away" without a rope? j/k <BR>1. pop <BR>1.5 pull handle into your waist (step you might be missing;) <BR>2. turn head away from boat <BR>3. handle pass (roll arm/wrist behind back) <BR>4. spot landing <BR>5. ride away <BR> <BR>good luck and you dont need huge air for this trick - good news for you since you will need to be concentrating on a 3 rather than getting huge air.

sdboardr99 08-01-2002 11:51 AM

Do you have any video tape of you trying the trick? My buddy thought he was reaching for the rope and he spun just perfect and always landed on his feet. Once we watched the video we could plainly see that he never reached for the rope - he brought it to the small of his back but never reached for it. <BR> <BR>If you can get video it should really help you figure out what you're doing wrong - probably something simple. <BR>

hadcity 08-01-2002 1:36 PM

ok thx guys i will be going boarding today i will see if it helps! thx again <BR>JoRdOn <BR>

guido 08-01-2002 2:33 PM

hey, i was doing the same thing for the better part of a year until i started my approach to the wave with a bend in both elbows and the rope in a little bit (watch the way chad sharpe rides). this took a lot of the tension off the rope. when you are in the air make a conscious effort to put the handle in your other hand. reach back around, turn the handle over and actually put the handle in your other hand. you'll know it the first time you do it. <BR> <BR>have fun <BR>-e

hadcity 08-01-2002 9:03 PM

Hey guys. Thx for all the tips it helped alot i can do the 3 but it is a little well just say not perfect yet but it just takes time well thx it help!! <BR> Jordon

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