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wakeboard_joe 07-31-2002 10:28 AM

what would be the easiest roll or flip to learn. i have 360s down and want to learn a flip or roll. thanks

edward 08-01-2002 5:44 PM

try a hs backroll or maybe a tantrum.

hadcity 08-01-2002 9:07 PM

I was ride with my friend today it is almost pro (he came in 2nd at wakefest he got beat by some girl lol) but any way he said the tantrum is easyer than a 360 so i think that is ur next step up (my self i can do a 3 and about to attamp the tantrum) well try it and get back! <BR> Hadcity <BR>

gordon523 08-04-2002 12:14 PM

umm if i were you i would go with the roll it is way cake walk. and if you get taht down then it will be alot easyer to put your 3 into that then it would be to put a 3 into a tantrum so i would go for the roll then to a mobe.

09-21-2002 7:35 AM

well I have yet to land a three but I can do a tantrum...wierd I guess. The backflip seems more natural and comfortable to me than the backroll, everones a little different I guess.

aussie_stu 09-24-2002 4:27 AM

Strangely enough I just landed my first invert, the scarecrow, can't time the backroll or tantrum properly, I always throw too early but after 2 weeks o trying got crow, found it easier to ride all the way to top of wake when I can see it, they feel reely cool too

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