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tom_czech_crew 07-25-2002 3:35 AM

Hi, I have been reading over almost whole discussion board but I didn`t find any mention about riding behind tow. Here in Czech republic (Europe) is this kind of training quite popular. Of course it isn`t as good as behind boat but it is 2 times cheaper. Has anybody some experience with that in US?

yooper 07-25-2002 5:33 AM

what do you mean by "riding behind tow"?

tom_czech_crew 07-25-2002 8:36 AM

:-))sorry buddy, english isn`t my mother tongue. I mean something like ski lift but it`s on the water and used for water skiig and wakeboarding. If U know what I mean...

jimmyg 07-25-2002 9:34 AM

you mean on the cable right??? <BR>I know it's popular here in Europe - with what we have to pay for boats and gas etc <BR>There are a couple of cable parks in the states most noteably OWC in florida

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